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    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Hardware component on a real Mac, but software for our purposes. Just reinstalled 10.10 on my real MacBook to eliminate so weird things. SMBios is the software nvram right? I'm just starting to get into this I'm not sure. Nevermind , found the source from RehabMan
  2. sulphurlad

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Just a gut feeling. Doing my initial Clover install, creating the RecoveryHD, and then the main install, I then did something stupid, corrupted my install, then booted up and reinstall again, with a clover USB install drive. The thing is, the second time, There was no RecoveryHD creation, as it was already there, and the nvram info was the same. I didn't specify any RT data of SMBios data in any these installs. Right now I'm working in virtualbox, and watching the creation of the nvram.
  3. sulphurlad

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    I've been lurking on this thread for awhile. Not sure how it happened, in my hamfisted way, I got a Mac Pro 6,1 registered with Apple, showed up in my iCloud/Settings. I was shocked. My other macs running 10.10, were listed there, also. My setup I'm working on is 10.10 using Clover, but compiled from source using Clover Grower Pro script. I created a uuid from the command line, used Clover Configurator to generate a Mac Pro 6,1 Profile, and went on my merry way. I did not setup iCloud, just iTunes, to access my ZFS array, to serve my iTunes across the house. What is happening is the serial number generated is cross checked against the MAC Address of something, and computed, HEXed, ASCII, or what ever. It is not Random. Ever time I rebooted, a new serial was there, running iMessageDebug from the command line. Eventually this caused a account lock, hence a 1.5 hour tech support call. I had to reset my AppleID password with Apple Tech Support, claimed ignorance about the Mac Pro on my account, and now have my Main MBP back up and running correctly. I think the RecoveryHD is holding information about the current install. I'm going to experiment, check all the current parameters with iMessageDebug, reinstall without a complete RecoveryHD wipe, check with iMessageDebug again. Use another disk, create a new RecoveryHD, and reinstall, and finally check with iMessageDebug. All without Network access. The system id might be generated based on the install, tying it to the MAC Address of the primary NIC, which means that until you can get a good working system, DSDT and whatnot, no networking. I think I have a Apple USB NIC laying around, with a Apple MAC. I will try it and see. This could solve the issues, with hacking the MAC Address with an Apple assigned MAC. I will update as soon as I get the information compiled.
  4. This is working for me. ESXi 5.5 and OSX 10.9. Can screen share from my laptop. Config > 4 cores - Raw Disk - 8 GB Ram - VMware Tools installed. But I can't seem to get the gpu forwarding working. Anyone get lci pass through to work?
  5. sulphurlad

    Asus P5N-T Deluxe Install Issue

    Trying to do this very same thing right now..... This is funny, my specs are close to yours, right down to the Pioneer DVD-RW, and SL Retail combo pack. I'm looking for the kexts for this motherboard, it hangs at the pci config stage. Also I'm booting off a usb hard drive, using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] legacy. the guide is here I have the supernforceata kext loaded into my extra's folder on the usb drive. It just hangs at the pci config part. I just got a new sandy bridge macbook pro 13, so it helps trying to hack this thing in. If I figure this out I will surely post it here. Cheers mate Btw I would definitely remove the extra drives for now, just to remove the chance of data loss is they have anything of value.