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  1. 18 minutes ago, mnfesq said:


    Yeah, the strange thing is that OpenCore and Clover both see the internal drives but the Big Sur operating system does not.  In fact, during boot up, it takes a long time because the OS is looking for the drives that the boot loader says are there but the OS can't find them.


    I'm having this problem with a Kabylake-R laptop but someone else who posted about this problem today said he had it with a Skylake laptop.


    On my old legacy BIOS MB,

    I need "Fix Hot-plug for ICH10" to patch AppleAHCIPort, after the patch I can use the other internal disk on Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur.

  2. 1 hour ago, fantomas said:
    os_version < AsciiOSVersionToUint64("10.16")

    Maybe we severely should consider that macOS Big Sur is 11.0 and not 10.16?

    -  return (os_version >= AsciiOSVersionToUint64("10.8.5")) && (os_version < AsciiOSVersionToUint64("11.0")); 
    +  return (os_version >= AsciiOSVersionToUint64("10.8.5")) && (os_version < AsciiOSVersionToUint64("11.1"));



    27 minutes ago, chris1111 said:

    maybe should be


    -  return (os_version >= AsciiOSVersionToUint64("10.8.5")) && (os_version < AsciiOSVersionToUint64("11.0")); 
    +  return (os_version >= AsciiOSVersionToUint64("10.8.5")) && (os_version < AsciiOSVersionToUint64("11.7"));

    First non Hybrid BS  ?




    I think it's 11.1

    it means, 10.8.5~10.15.x~10.x.x~11.0.x, not include 11.1.x

    BS is 11.0.x, next is 11.1.x, if apple wants.:)


    But SystemVersion.plist is 10.16 for Big Sur now.


    - == old value

    + == new value

    -  return (os_version >= AsciiOSVersionToUint64("10.8.5")) && (os_version < AsciiOSVersionToUint64("10.16")); 
    +  return (os_version >= AsciiOSVersionToUint64("10.8.5")) && (os_version < AsciiOSVersionToUint64("11.1"));


  3. On 6/23/2020 at 7:29 PM, chris1111 said:

    I think prelinkkernel as some change for BigSur



    Look at the picture



    Hi @Slice


    report some issues.


    6/19, commit 1072, 109d1f5, kext patcher and kernel patcher work fine on Mojave, Catalina.

    can't pass the Big Sur ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    can't boot to Big Sur.


    7/13, commit 1091, b79f643, kext patcher and kernel patcher didn't work on Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur,

    and can boot to Big Sur system, and get panic without kext patch after booting logs.


    If I replace 109d1f5/kernel_patcher.cpp to b79f643/kernel_patcher.cpp, and modify as diff as below.

    The commit 1091, b79f643 kext patcher and kernel patcher work fine on Mojave, Catalina,

    and can boot to Big Sur system, but get panic without kext patch after booting logs.

    The problem is, can you fix the kext patcher and kernel patcher on Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur?


    @@ -1126,7 +1126,7 @@
     static inline BOOLEAN IsXCPMOSVersionCompat(UINT64 os_version)
    -  return (os_version >= AsciiOSVersionToUint64("10.8.5")) && (os_version < AsciiOSVersionToUint64("10.16")); 
    +  return (os_version >= AsciiOSVersionToUint64("10.8.5")) && (os_version < AsciiOSVersionToUint64("10.17"));
    @@ -2053,7 +2053,7 @@
         // check bootargs for 10.7 and up
         bootArgs2 = (BootArgs2*)ptr;
    -    if (bootArgs2->Version==2 && bootArgs2->Revision==0
    +    if (bootArgs2->Version==2 && (bootArgs2->Revision==0 || bootArgs2->Revision==1)
             // plus additional checks - some values are not inited by boot.efi yet
             && bootArgs2->efiMode == archMode
             && bootArgs2->kaddr == 0 && bootArgs2->ksize == 0









  4. 2 hours ago, imacosiris said:

    Hi guys

    I already have a Hack running HighSierra and Clover.

    But I think to move to Open Core and install macOS Catalina.

    I just wonder if any one have any experience with this model of Gigabyte motherboard.

    I must add I use this hack as server to share videos no need audio for example, only network and storage :)


    My config is as follow

    Motherboard: gigabyte ga-h97m-d3h

    Processor : Intel i3 3,69 Mhz

    Memory : 32 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3

    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 (Nvidia Web Driver 387.


    System identify as iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) 

    Current version 10.13.6


    Boot drive SSD Kingston HyperX Savage SHSS37A120G


    Any advice ??



    Try this EFI for Haswell, and setup BIOS as url.






    11. Intel BIOS settings

    11.1. Disable

    • Fast Boot
    • Secure Boot
    • VT-d (can be enabled if you set DisableIoMapper to YES)
    • CSM
    • Thunderbolt(For initial install, as Thunderbolt can cause issues if not setup correctly)
    • Intel SGX
    • Intel Platform Trust
    • CFG Lock (MSR 0xE2 write protection)(This must be off, if you can't find the option then enable both AppleCpuPmCfgLock and AppleXcpmCfgLock under Kernel -> Quirks. Your hack will not boot with CFG-Lock enabled)

    11.2. Enable

    • VT-x
    • Above 4G decoding
    • Hyper-Threading
    • Execute Disable Bit
    • EHCI/XHCI Hand-off
    • OS type: Windows 8.1/10 UEFI Mode
    • DVMT Pre-Allocated(iGPU Memory): 64MB


  5. 12 hours ago, Dajjal said:


    I know I said I won't bother since my hardware is quite old (X58A-UD5) but can't help but wonder why in hangs on boot now.This is the error that I get with anything past 5116. Plz tell me what is obvious that I'm missing :(



    Boot Failure.jpeg



    I have this ACPI issue before.

    After I cancel all ACPI, it works fine for me.






  6. 18 hours ago, fusion71au said:

    Hi @crazybirdy.  I'm nearly certain the problem lies with your graphics card.

    My old legacy BIOS rigs can boot the Big Sur Installer and also the completed Big Sur installation on an external USB HD (via OC 0.6.0)... 


    What's your graphics card?

    I use GT640 which works on 10.15.5. I saw someone install Big Sur with GT720.

    Maybe I need to buy a second hand GT720 if beta 3 still doesn't work here.


  7. 1 hour ago, jlcdgd said:

    Still. having the Memory problem... any ideas?


    Please find enclosed my EFi X99 Designare EX, Intel Xeon CPU E5-2670 v3 @ 2.30GHz...






    add kernel path to config.plist/Kernel/Patch/..you will see the panic kext..

    				<string>10.16 Disable panic loaded kexts list</string>



  8. 18 minutes ago, Matgen84 said:

    Hi @Blu24 @crazybirdy @fusion71au

    Finally, I succeed to install Big Sur Beta 2 on my USB external Hard Drive connected to Z390 Aorus Master :thumbsup_anim: More than 4hours for stage 2, and the others stages are long too.



    • disable SIP: strangely 7708000 in config.plist don't work for me
    • OC Picker show only BigSur - Data instead of BigSur HD
    • remove update snapshot

    Any ideas ! Please.


    Finally, I watch you succeed to install Big Sur Beta 2......:)........and I still get reboot at stage 2.  :wallbash:


    Come on... beta 3.


    9 hours ago, AppleBreak said:

    Welcome to LGA 775, Big Sur.


    Good news to LGA 775.


    15 minutes ago, jsl2000 said:


    Any specific patch for LGA 775 CPU ?


    As my Legacy BIOS, I can boot from Enoch, Clover, and OC.


    boot1 = Enoch r2922 boot

    boot2 = boot2 -> /EFI/OC/BOOTx64.efi -> /EFI/OC/OpenCore.efi

    boot6 = boot6 -> /EFI/CLOVER/CLOVERX64.efi


    and set boot=boot6 -> Clover default...

    All three bootloaders work fine here via Clover-pkg to install alternative booting PBR.:)

  10. 14 hours ago, corint1 said:

    a stupid question , have install before any version of catalina ?  i thinking no ... 


    Just did some test.

    Use createinstallmedia to make installer with 10.14.6, 10.15.5, and Big Sur beta 2,

    then use OC 0.6.0 to install 10.14.6, 10.15.5 without issue,

    and the installation is finished on stage1, stage2, and boot to system successful.


    Big Sur beta 2 can finish stage 1 installation, and the APFS "macOS Install Data" is ready.

    But boot to stage 2 ... it still gets reboot ... after -v boot log to apple logo.


    I think, it may be the graphic card issue with my GT 640 cause of it always shows the log....


    System is shutting down, (SIP is Disabled) allowing process at path: /System/Library/Extensions/IOGraphicsFamily.kext/iogdiagnose

  11. 2 minutes ago, corint1 said:

    a stupid question , have install before any version of catalina ?  i thinking no ... 


    I use Clover to install Mojave, Catalina before, never use OC to install Mojave, Catalina, will try it later.


    Today it's the first time OC works fine on my hack with 10.14.6, and 10.15.5, and first time to install Big Sur beta 2.

    Maybe I need to do more test with Big Sur later.:lol:

  12. 49 minutes ago, corint1 said:

    for old mb you declare smbios 19,1 ?  .... are you sure your config is same with imac 19,1 ? :)


    I have tried it with imac 15,1, still the same. reboot.


    50 minutes ago, Blu24 said:

    use a different USB drive.


    I use SSD for one installer partition, one APFS target partition. I don't have big size USB now.


    I think, Big Sur beta 3 will be more friendly to me.:lol:......

  13. Finally, OC 0.6.0 latest version works fine on Mojave 10.14.6 and Catalina 10.15.5.


    Boot to Big Sur beta2 installer stage 1 and install to target APFS volume, OC works fine too.

    But when boot to stage 2 macOS installer... it stuck at Apple logo and reboot as pics.:wallbash:


    Waiting for Big Sur beta 3.....:yes:




  14. 7 hours ago, bisdak4920 said:

    Can you share your Clover installer EFI?


    I didn't finish all the installation of Big Sur before, that's my guess, and it's wrong.


    Bad news.


    Now Clover can reach the installer screen, and finish the stage 1 to make target APFS volume with macOS Install Data.:)


    But stop booting.. while loading /macOS Install Data/Locked Files/BootKernelExtensions.kc at stage 2.:(






    Normally, boot.efi load prelinkedkernel, but load BootKernelExtensions.kc at stage 2.


    Maybe Clover can't decode BootKernelExtensions.kc.


    I think, Clover can't load BootKernelExtensions.kc, if it works with BootKernelExtensions.kc, then Clover can install Big Sur from full installer app.


    Still now, I can't finish Big Sur installation with Clover.:(

  15. 13 hours ago, chris1111 said:

    Thanks I know but you have the skill to succeed I trust you :guitar:


    I have to use Clover to install Big Sur, cause of I can't make OC work with my hack.:(



    Bad news.


    Now Clover can reach the installer screen, and finish the stage 1 to make target volume with macOS Install Data.

    But stop while loading /macOS Install Data/Locked Files/BootKernelExtensions.kc


    I think, Clover can't load BootKernelExtensions.kc, if it works with BootKernelExtensions.kc, then Clover can install Big Sur from full installer app.


  16. 10 minutes ago, chris1111 said:

    It is with great pride that I announce the boot on the HP ProBook 6570B With the latest OpenCore Boottloader

    I just say thanks to the DEVS and all friends Users:wink_anim:





    Good news.


    I just figure out... boot with CLOVERX64.efi (Big Sur from someone) can reach to this installer screen too.

    But it's complicated, need to modify BaseSystem.dmg.:wallbash::hysterical:


  17. 6 hours ago, MakAsus said:

    If you already use OcQuirks, it will be enough to replace only OcQuirks.plist from the archive in the attachment. Quirks in it are configured on the Coffee Lake CPU.  As for kernel_patcher and kext_inject, you can compare them with the original ones. 


    Yes, I came across this, and was forced to change the above files for myself.

     Great, I just build the latest commit, work fine now. Thanks a lot.

  18. On 7/7/2020 at 2:48 PM, dhani said:

    I try both using betaaccess.dmg and use this command, but in my Catalina update page, I only see the macOS Catalina Beta 10.15.6? I don't see this BigSur...what to do?

    Should I install that Catalina Beta first?




    You can use this script to download full installer app from swscan.apple.com.







  19. 49 minutes ago, Riley Freeman said:

    Because of expiring certs, Apple have re-released installers from 10.15 back to 10.10. More info on that here.


    However, I can't get the new Sierra installer to build a usb installer. Complains that the disk is not a valid mount point. Yet all the others worked fine.


    Has anyone tried this new Sierra installer yet and found a way around the error? I tried replacing createinstallmedia with the one from my previous 10.12.6 installer but it gave the same error.

    The same here. it is a bug, i think.


    You can restore BaseSystem.dmg to USB partition, and replace /Volumes/OS X Base System/Install macOS Sierra.app to be the FULL Installer App.

    or use MBR BaseSystem method.