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    I have High Sierra working on my EP45-UD3P with Cartri BIOS using the current version 2898. And I'd much prefer using Enoch's Chameleon over other bootloader. The current version won't boot Windows 10 nor Snow Leopard (10.6.8) for me. The machine just restarts every time I select that drive. Has anyone got Windows or 10.6.8 to boot with the current version?
  2. Has anyone got trimforce command in 10.10.4 to work with ASM1061? I used Chameleon SSD to enable trim prior to current version. I would like to hear how others who are on 10.10.4 with SATA 3 ASM1061 are implementing trim. Please share your experience.
  3. I'm wondering if other people with Asmedia SATA III have the same issue I'm experiencing with Read. From cold start, Blackmagic Disk Speed Test report Read speed of close to 400 MB/s on my Vertex. The system would sleep (or I can put it to sleep from Apple Menu), and upon wake when I run the speed test again, the Read is below 200 MB/s. I'm on Gigabyte EP45-UD3P. Would someone see if your result is similar to mine? 1) Cold boot/restart 2) Run Blackmagic Disk Speed Test 3) Put the system to sleep 4) Wake and run Blackmagic Thank you. This has been driving me crazy that I'm losing nearly 50% in Read.
  4. I have WD Black drive and OCZ Vertex 3 SSD, and they eject on wake from sleep in ML DP 4. I don't think this issue is rooted in "eco" or green drives. BlackOSX, this works great for me if the boot drive is connected to SATA II on the motherboard (ep45-ud3p rev. 1.6 with Cartri MacBIOS). All of my 3 drives connected to the motherboard do not eject on wake, and ML DP4 works beautifully. However, if the OS drive is connected to a generic controller, such as ASMedia (asm1061) for my SSD with SATA III, and the Generic AHCI and ICH10-R AHCI changed to ESB2 AHCI, the OS drive does not mount after wake (can't tell if the other drives on the motherboard's SATA II aren't ejected since the system is locked up). The temporary solution for me, using ASMedia controller and booting with Vertex 3 SSD with ML DP4, is to revert back AppleAHCIPort and IOAHCIFamily kexts. Has there been any progress on finding a more permanent solution to this ejecting on wake issue?
  5. There is a simple way to address this "Unknown AHCI Standard Controller" and change it to "ASMedia AHCI Standard Controller" -- or anything text that you want to be displayed. This involves installing LegacyAppleAHCIPort.kext to S/L/E. But first you should edit the Info.plist of the kext. Look under the GenericAHCI and change the string for "Vendor Name" to ASMedia. If you want to change the AHCI Standard Controller, it's the string for "Chipset Name". This is superficial and purely cosmetic change as GenericAHCI is being utilized to support this controller under OS X. And that's exactly what System Profiler is reporting. What would happen if you needed additional SATA ports and bought an expansion card made my BADassMedia that is similarly supported under OS X? The System Profiler would report that this card is "ASMedia AHCI Standard Controller" or whatever you'll be calling it. Anyhow... good luck and make sure you clear/update your cache.
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    [Guide] Lion installation on HP DV6 6020el

    For FaceTime and iCloud, you may want to check/recheck the serial number in your smbios. There is a utility (chameleon wizard?) that has a function to generate serial numbers. I remembering running into an iCloud issue where the account was recognized but any attempt to log in ended with an error. Generating a new serial helped with iCloud. I don't have a webcam so I can't comment on FaceTime, but my suspicion is that having a "legit" serial number should also correct the login issue there as well. As for USB 3 (I saw your post in that thread), is it possible that it could be a power issue -- or the lack of? Were you on battery only when you plugged in the device? Have you tried an external USB 3 with its own power source, or plug in the laptop to the wall before attaching the USB 3 device?
  7. For lid wake see DarwinX suggestion above about rolling back a kext: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=190780&view=findpost&p=1778204 I was experiencing a similar situation and that helped.
  8. Magsy, I don't know if you're still trying to get sleep to work. The first thing I would do with a black screen on wake is check the system's hibernate mode. To do this, enter the following command in Terminal to see whether hibernate is set to 0: pmset -g | grep hibernatemode If your hibernate mode is not set to zero, set it by entering this command: sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 Restart (although not really necessary since the change should take effect immediately). Check if sleep works. Otherwise following DarwinX's suggestion to roll back AppleACPIPlatform.kext. It worked for me. See here for that solution: http://www.insanelym...dpost&p=1778458
  9. Thanks everyone for input with the sleep issue. The system is currently running flawlessly as MBP5,3 (raimdal, I agree that the system is running cooler), with the roll back of AppleACPIPlatform.kext. Optimal or not, functionality and stability of the system trumps slight inconvenience for me. Rolling back this kext is no more troublesome than installing VoodooHDA for sound. DarwinX, could you provide some insight into "the new generation of the AppleACPIPlatform" or direct us to an external link? Is there a possibility that this power management could be incorporated into the DSDT?
  10. raimdal, thank you for confirming that my smbios is faulty. I will try your files and report back on whether sleep (from Apple menu, and clamshell mode) works properly for me. The only differences with your system and mine (not mine, actually) are the clock speed (mine is slower but I can edit the SMmaximalclock) and wifi (I have BCM94322MC). Without a serial number in your smibos, does iCould work for you? Could someone post an unpatched AppleRTC?
  11. First, thanks for putting together a great guide! I've tried nearly all the DSDT you have on the first post. I'm currently using the DSDT_M1530_NVIDIA_ANYCPU_20110720.zip and it seems to sleep the system the first time from the Apple menu but restarts if I select sleep again either from the menu or via pressing the power button and selecting the sleep button. I tried MacBook5,1 (attached to this post) and now choosing sleep just restarts the machine. I do not have vanilla AppleRTC anymore and it wasn't inn 10.7.2 combo update (I didn't see it using Pacifist). Chameleon is the most recent build (v2.1 svn r1706). Is there a better version I should use? Also, I used Chameleon Pref Pane to extract ACPI. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ACPI.zip smbiosMB51.plist.zip
  12. LatinMcG, the code is under Scope (_SB) and the symptom is the same. Closing the lid, restarts the machine and I really need it to sleep. Sleep from Apple menu sleeps the machine the first time. The second time selecting the sleep command restarts the machine as well. I've combed through this thread and others on the web. It appears that it may be the DSDT that I'm using as 10.6.7 worked flawlessly. Now at 10.7.2, wake/sleep and media keys do not seem to work. Here's the spec on my machine: m1530 C2D nVidia 8600 GT 256MB Nothing in E/E In S/L/E: AppleRTC (patched CMOS reset) FakeSMC (v 3.1.0) IntelThermal IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector NVClockX OSXRestart SleepEnabler (won't sleep at all w/o it) SuperIOFamily (only PC8739x plugin) VoodooHDA VoodooPS2Controller I've attached the current DSDT, smbios, and org.chameleon.Boot.plist. Any ideas? Help.zip
  13. Could someone with clamshell sleep knowledge help? I looked at the first page, and have tried but couldn't get it to compile using dsdtse. Sleep works from Apple Menu command with the attached DSDT.aml. When I close the lid, the computer restarts. Someone help! The DSDT is from the first page 20091117.zip I'm running 10.7.2. DSDT.aml.zip
  14. Wanna Hack

    Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    Try the modified version (1.9.9f12) of AppleHDA.
  15. Wanna Hack

    Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    I had the same issue with EP43-UD3L using Cartri BIOS. Here's what you need to do. Remove the AppleGraphicsControl.kext (version 3.0.16) from S/L/E by booting in single user mode, from another drive, etc. Just remove that kext! Boot into 10.7.2 with -v -f flags. The system will bring you to the Finder. My system seemed like it was working fine -- graphics, sound (had to reinstall patched applehda), network, etc. Since I don't know the long-term repercussion of not having AppleGraphicsControl.kext and don't really have the time to deal with it, I put a backup copy from the previous version (3.0.8) in S/L/E manually. Reboot. And it works! Oh, if you're looking for the old version, someone on the previous page thread posted 10.7 kexts. Good luck you eager-smeager-early-adopter! And let us know if this worked out for you.