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  1. problems with gt240

    Got same here happening time to time with 7600GS. I've no idea what it is.
  2. Hi friends, Have anybody seen this issue: At some boot (usually first boot of the day) files don't disapear when they're deleted, untill you click on them. Same with trashcan: empty trash command don't change the view of trashcan. Sometimes newly created files (downloade, copied) won't show up untill you do search the folder for them. Everything's working well again after reboot. Does anybody know what the problem is? thanks to all
  3. Thank you guys for your comments. I'm talking about "less clearance" of details. Fonts are looking not so sharp, maybe... Overall, it's seems harder to read texts in Safari etc.. I've tried to change font smoothing prefs, but couldn't get any better results. Do you guys have a sluggish animation in dock sometime? I don't remember having this with ATI card even when several apps were running. I wanted to do A/B comparison with 9600, but after installation of Natit/Titan i can't seems to revert back to ATI card - black screen after boot. Tried to search for solution but nothing seems to work... Thanks again I have SyncMaster 17" analog display
  4. Thanks a lot for your advice. I've not decided yet should I stick with 6200 or switch to some compatible ATI card. It seems to me that 9600 gave a better picture even without QE/QI enabled. It's very subjective, of course.
  5. I think yes. I have MSI though. I don't think there's big difference. Mine is AGP
  6. Hey Mark, Thanks for your comment. But is it worth to upgrade 6200 to ati 1600 then? And will it give any improvement to interface, speed etc? thanks again
  7. Hi friends, Just need your advice. I've switched from ATI 9600 to GeForce 6200 a few days ago. For better drivers and to avoid of mouse tearing. Everything is absolutely great and stabile and what I've expected. But.. I'm not quite happy with the quality of the picture. I mean, it's not as good as same card does with XP - fonts, scrolling - everything is not as sharp and smooth as on XP. Is it "what else you'd expect?" or better graphic card (say, geforce 7600) can give better picture? I'm not a gamer and all I need is nice and fast responsive screen for desktop, Safari and some audio apps. Thanks for any input. vokator 10.4.9 (10.4.7 Jas manual updated with 10.4.9 combo) Semthex latest kernal Asus P4C800E deluxe Built-in audio - works Ethernet - works GeForce MSI 6200 - Titan
  8. Protools HD PCI kinda working :)

    I got it working now! 7.3.1cs2 solved the problems. Many thanks to VooD
  9. Protools HD PCI kinda working :)

    But do you have any of pci cards shown as presenting in System Profiler? Or there's smth like "No Pci cards installed in you system" ?
  10. Protools HD PCI kinda working :)

    I have HD3 working with 10.4.7 with IOPCIFamily kext from 10.4.4 Still can't make it work with 10.4.8 (tried different kernels) It seems that PCI cards can not be detected by OS
  11. Hi guys! I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to make my pci card fully visible by os. It is Digidesign HD Core card. I did search the forum and found that its common problem that pci cards won't be recognised by os. I've PCIe drivers installed and suppose it's possible to make some changes in kext files so my PCI card would be recognised as PCIe. What should be the starting point to do that? thanks a lot for any advice
  12. Oops... It's different with md5summer - 36463658aff360345550fd6245645831 I got previous sum with cageman's tool
  13. MD5 is 2B5F11D39ADF0799F25306834CC1120E here. Looks like it is correct. I didn't install it yet.
  14. New JaS DVD

    Many, many many thanks goes to Jas! This is my first post here.. Couldn't find a better way to start