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  1. • TyByTech •

    DSDT - Vanilla Speedstep - Generic Scope (_PR)

    i also had fully working speedstep in 10.6.2 (dsdt with ssd tables included) but after combo upd to 10.6.8 i have lost it, it did not woked anymore to regain native sppedstep i had to chose a real mac smbios.plist and recreate legacy plugin for it .... and for some reason if i let mac to get cstates from dsdt the pstates does not work (...in smcK-Stat-i the frequency of cpu does not changes) for some reason it has to do with new way of reading acpi tables by the 10.6.8 and lion as a solution to this i had to make chameleon to generate p&c states and with legacy and real mac infos in smbiosplist it fully works with native 10.6.8 kexts, and i gues lion also, (i'll try this later) i have thinkpad x61s core2duo 1.6 ghz L7500 with gmax3100 video take atached file as guide in your pursuit ... hope i helped ssssssory for my english 10.6.8 MacBook4,2.zip my dsdt.zip
  2. • TyByTech •

    ALC262 driver with headphone speaker and mic

    try VoodooHDA 0.2.1 it work 4 me(ALC262 10ec) entirely but even if mic is working , i do not see signal of it in ichat
  3. • TyByTech •

    Snow leopard on Vaio vcpw12m1e

    hi, i have vaio tz11mn with iPortable and for me was no problem to get gma950 full qe-ci with stock kexts and efi string device-properties and for full resolution i used SwithResX i guess your graphic card will work also with stock kext´s do a combo update to 10.6.2 to get those kexts and a working vanilla mach_kernel remember to remove framebufferdisabler from extra and /S/L/E ..framebufferdisabler this has put me in the right track u may also lock here fore more native speedstep and to get rid of some kexts from extra how did u get webcam working ? any kext? i have VGC-VCC7 and its not working for mouse with touch and tap and full keys keyboard i use voodooPS2 Sleep works for u? for me does not
  4. • TyByTech •

    Snow leopard on Vaio vcpw12m1e

    if u installed mac as guid then to reinstall windows u need to use gparted live to repartition-reformat hdd into ...
  5. • TyByTech •

    Snow Leopard on VAIO P(VGN-P90HS) working!

    hi, i have a and this thread is the most ¨illuminated¨ one in my problem because its dealing with SNC the most annoying issue is the sleep one and from what i understand till now is that sleep it´s not working because it needs to go trough SNC and i wish some help to solve this issue keeping OS X as much as possible vanilla i have added pnlf in DSDT for closing the lid and brightnes ... pressing power button shows restart/sleep/cancel/shutdown Menu OOB sleep is only turning down the lid but the fans and disk are no change and power button it´s not turning orange as it should in sleep mode. the way out of this state is hard reset same result with or without sleepEnabler i´m 2 weeks old in all this OS to PC and i´m thrilled by the alternative that it provides to Micro$.. so don´t be to harsh with me.. video Intel 945GM (27a2) it works full qe/ci with stock GMA 950 kexts (10.6.2) and EFI string device-properties in boot.plist... with full resolution 1366x768 trough SwitchResX i lock for a fix in my dsdt that will get me sleep problem gone. Probably it need some lines moved from Device (SNC) to _WAK. i´m most interesed in DSDT approach rather than altering kernel the 2nd issue is native speedstep, now i´m using Legacy ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext i have a Intel Core 2 Duo U7500 CPU-i gives me.. see attached file.. i wish some help in getting rid of that kext.... the 3rd issue webcam(Sony Visual Comunication Camera VGP-VCC7). not working. the most explaining(4 me) thread i found is starting with THIS that said the problem sties in preloading the firmware. more info here some help in this? the 4th issue is sound (ALC262 10ec F00) that it works now with VoodooHDA(0.2.1) and i wish to mod DSDT Device (HDEF) to get native AppleHDA working. has someone did this already and wanna share pls? the 5th issue is WiFi Intel 3945abg that works only unsecured with a voodoo kext but on this i understand that i need to wait...work in progress the 6th issue brightnes up/down with Fn F5/F6; LCD/VGA output display Switc with Fn+F7; Sleep with Fn+F12 Fn F2 F3 F4 (Mute VolDown VolUP) works OOB (Fn+ Pg UP/Down Home/End fixed trough DSDT) multimedia keys play/pause prev next eject for the moment i´m stuck at this point with a mostly working sistem but it´s far from finished and polished one. If someone have more progress in any above (...) please post a few line to help a n00b (i guess and hope not only me) i´m sorry for my english... u7500_cpu_i.rtf DSDT_original.zip dsdt.aml_latest_.zip SSDT_SSDT_1_SSDT_2.zip APIC_APIC_1.zip
  6. • TyByTech •

    10.5.6 on Sony VAIO VGN-NR160E

    hi i have a SONY VAIO TZ11MN i´m new to all this mac hack thing but after 2 weeks struggle i get almost fully working and still have the sleep issue because i think that sleep needs to go trough SonyNotebookController SNC and maybe someone good at DSDT modding will get a fix on this i started with SnowOSX Universal 3.6 that installed fine only that it have worked only with external display ...then i moved to iPortableSnow_x86 10.6.2 with framebufferdisabler, updated with 10.6.2 to get rid of posible messy things from iPortable and done some easy mods on my DSDT with google´s help ... video Intel 945GM -----works full QE/CI with native stock kext and efi string device-properties and for full resolution i use SwitchResX audio alc262 -10ec ...works VoodoHDA 2.2.1 VoodoBattery wifi intel 3945abg works only unsecured lan yukon 88e8055 works ricoh1384 sd mspro works ps2 keyboard/mouse touchpad alps works bluetooth works for speedstep i use Legacy ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext motion eye webcam VGP-VCC7 does not work even if it is UVC because it needs to preload its firmware in order to work according to... ls /Extra/Extensions AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext Legacy_ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext SNC.kext FakeSMC.kext VoodooBattery.kext IOATABlockStorage.kext VoodooPS2Controller.kext IOATAFamily.kext lspcidrv.kext if someone can point me to right direction to native speedstep without some kext ...... my cpu Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor U7500 if my dsdt helps someone... dsdt.aml.zip
  7. • TyByTech •


    hi, i have installed 10.6.2 on TZ11MN u only have fingerprint more than i ... after a week of testings only thing that its not working its webcam motion eye because this type of webcam needs to preload its firmware first in order to function... (if it were to have vmware with xp to start webcam then close vmware and cam it should work normal in any app) sleep also does not work
  8. • TyByTech •

    laptop sleep wake yes/no

    SONY VAYO TZ11MN iPortableSnow 10.6.2 with 10.6.2 combo update full qe ci gma950 stock kexts working with boot for gma950 only lid it´s closing but the power button does not flashes (as it should when in sleep mode) it never wakes from sleep i´m using vanilla kernel and with or without sleepenabler i get the same result til now i did not find a fix for sleep wake problem and neither a way to find a way to see where the problem is i´m a week n00b in hackintosh
  9. hi, SONY Vaio TZ11MN INTEL CORE2 CPU U7500@1.06GHz - both cores r working, i use vanilla kernel 10.6.3 video intel 945gm 27a2 audio realtek HD 10ec 262 lan yukon 88E8055 11ab 4363 webcam motion eye vgp-vcc7 -not working wifi intel pro 3945abg -not working DSDT_original.zip dsdt.aml_DTGP_HPET_RTC_CMOS_.zip
  10. definetly will help me atleast i have a Sony Vaio TZ11MN and i have 3 days since i try MAC flavour of os its awesome in appearance but a pain in the ass till all the drivers will load or be develloped for the moment i'm stuck at wifi Intel Pro 3945ABG / 4222 /8086 and the best result was with VoodooIntel3945-05 i manage to see my wifi home network but it not conects VoodooIntel3945_05.zip