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  1. Those files saved my hackintosh. Nice Intel NIC there too -- bought it and using it now -- thanks for that hint as well. Linkback to those USB boot files: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1667613
  2. @maleorderbride - thanks for all your support on this thread. Your updates are uber helpful. Looking forward...
  3. Get your UVC webcam working as Apple iSight

    I reinstalled the kext again, this time w/ the decimal conversion, and with only changing those 3 instances. But I'm still getting the mic out redirected to my external speakers instead of routing to the other party in Skype. Works fine when I uninstall the modified kext. Weird. Oh well, thanks for the help. Edit: hey maybe the isight has 2 mics (one for noise cancellation?) and my logitech only has one?? So the isight kext is trying to use the 1 mic as noise cancellation??
  4. Get your UVC webcam working as Apple iSight

    I changed all the idvendor and idproduct tags, and it fixed the super dark image from my logitech pro 9000. However, it killed the mic out (to other caller) function in skype. Anyone know how to get the superior image of this kext to function with the mic-out-to-other-caller function in skype? (There were more like 6 or 8 occurrences of ivdendor and another 6 or 8 of idproduct - maybe I was only supposed to change 3 of each??
  5. @Chimp I was having exactly the same issue as you, just after I read your post. I had installed a new router and it offered to function as a "wins server." Whenever the "wins server" option is selected, I either can't see the other computers on my network, or I can see them, but it hangs on "connecting..." like you describe. Too bad, as "wins server" makes microsoft computers able to see each other much much faster than without. Oh well.
  6. Thanks Mailorderbride; Cham 2.0 RC 5 works great!! Way faster boot, for me anyway. So, I searched this forum and the web - and I know this is kinda minor issue, but does anyone know how to get the cool mac power led to "sleep" in S3 sleep mode? Mine is just off, rather than pulsing like a real Mac. Not sure if everyone's is also just off or not. (Again, I really did search for this answer, here and elsewhere.) GA-x58A-UD3R Bios FB core i7 920 OC to 3.3 dsdt and kexts all from here (or linked to from here.) Cham 2.0 RC5 r518 RealtekR1000.kext got QC/QE working w/ EVGA 9800GT, 512 MB card Apple Magic Trackpad, Filco USB keyboard OCZ Vertex SSD, w/ Cham on its own partition Lian-Li PC-V800B Case Of Course, I have the Power LED wires off the front of the case connected to the "Power LED" header on the mobo. There's a 3 wire header, with only PWR+ and PWR- connecting to it from case front The other "Message/Power/Sleep LED" header seems to only work with S1, which of course doesn't do us any good. Edit: Gigabyte support over at Tweaktown.com tried to get sleep light to work, but no joy. Oh well, like I say, very mnior.
  7. I thought I noticed that mine worked when I was using jmicron esata kext, and didn't work when I didn't have it installed. Maybe the blue usbs go through the Jmicron esata controller?? Anyone confirm this?
  8. Quoting MacMan, from his post over @ tonymac86: Legacy889HDA.kext only works with an un-patched AppleHDA.kext. ... 10.6.2 AppleHDA ..still supports the ALC889. When you install Legacy889HDA.kext in [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] is automatically installs AppleHDA 10.6.2 Rollback." from his post here: http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=...5c&start=40 I haven't figured out front headphone jacks myself, but this at least looks like where we should start, since everything works in my new hackintosh except this, and the one kext I left off is that legacy889HDA one -- (My rig has a kextpanic with it in place for some reason.)
  9. blackosx: just wanted to say Thanks!! Your guide was the most thorough and understandable (I'm a hackintosh noob.) Used your guide despite the fact I had a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R. Can't tell you how much better this is having Chameleon on separate partition, and having a backup OSX install partition. It saves my butt on a regular basis. Very very logically presented and easy to understand guide. Like I say, best guide I've seen for hackintosh, even for boards other than the one in the guide. Thank You!!