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  1. You will have resolution with just loaded 7000 kext, if you point to correct ID for your card like I did you will have full QE/CI, mind you this cards are poor performers but R7 250 does 4K just don’t do 3D with it.
    Nothing special in my EFI I only imputed ID in devices section. 

  2. R5 240 turn up to be faulty I’m waiting for the replacement. 

    R5 340 actually works with the same fake ID as my R7 250 0x682B1002 and won’t start with 0x665D1002 but scored half in Heaven benchmark of what R7 250 scored. It is virtually quiet though. 

  3. 1 hour ago, DarkNeptune0 said:

    @luki1979 I removed the injector and only replaced IO8211Family, in opencore I put ATH9Kinjector, but it still doesn't work.  It says can't load kext airport.atheros40 - link failed

    Someone posted slightly modified kext on MacRumors, use that instead of stock Catalina one. This method it’s proven to work if your card worked OTB in Catalina. If you needed any more kexts it might still refuse to start the driver. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Ivan999 said:

    Hey guys!

    I need a bit of help


    Anyone fixed Atheros wifi?

    I have this issue with Opencore


    You can’t fix it as there is no atheros driver in the Big Sur. If your card worked in Catalina than google “WiFi Big Sur unsupported Mac” and follow complicated instructions to replace kext plus you will have to do it on every big update. I just got BCM94360CS2 to replace mine (in signature) and WIFI work OTB but Bluetooth needs patching. This card works 100%  OTB in Catalina.