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  1. Each time after I reboot, I have to unplug the LAN cable and replug it in to get an IP address. Under windows, no problem. Anyone else has such problem?
  2. For FSB<=333, you can set PCI-e @ 112, FSB<=357, PCI-e @ 120. FSB between 333 and 357, try PCI-e 112~120. Try to low PCI-e, since you don't want to fry your video card.
  3. Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    Thanks a lot, works great in my P4P800-SE.
  4. Marvell Support Effort

    You can buy dell 1350 or 1450 mini-pci to get airport Extreme.
  5. 10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    That's great, my dell 1350 is working in 10.4.3 with 10.4.4 IO80211Family.kext, Thanks!
  6. OSx86 on Xeon

    Thank you for your reply. I don't have x300. So your 10.4.3 is update install, I think that's the reason your 1350 still works.
  7. OSx86 on Xeon

    Hi Denis, You said your 1350 card works under 10.4.3, is it native install or update install from 10.4.1? Since my 1350 doesn't work under 10.4.3. Thanks.
  8. OSx86 on Xeon

    What's the wireless card in you x300 laptop? Dell 1450 or 1350? Thanks.
  9. I think he means under 10.4.1, no AppleIntelIntegrated file under 10.4.3. And no way dell 1350 working under 10.4.3 now. I have 700m too, no QE, CI in 10.4.3.
  10. 10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    So did you get 1450 working in 10.4.3? Do you need to edit anything?
  11. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    I have a dell i6000 and use Vanja's S-adaptor to get QE and CI working under 10.4.3 8F0999, I didn't edit anything. That is good enough, got s-video plug and resistor (100 ohm) from radioshack, only about $8 bucks. But my Dell 1350 wireless card is not working in 10.4.3, so go back to 10.4.1. GMA900_QE_CI_2.tiff
  12. Xbench: before: 51, after: 76, flash works.
  13. Can I use it on my ati x600 PCI-E card? Thanks
  14. Thank you very much macgirl, I got my NF4 ATA working using your attached kext file! I have same device ID as yours. I got 10 time higher HD transfer rate. Maybe you should add it to wiki for NF4 MB. I just found your post under this topic.