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  1. Shrimp

    9800 GTX working in OSX86

    The EVGA model of this card works as well right?
  2. Shrimp

    Powermac G4 Graphics Lag..

    Well it used to have an ATI Rage Pro 16MB, I recently got the new card, it can do things now like watch Youtube and such.. It just can't do any of the more simple effects, I know the video card is capable, maybe it's not the video card...
  3. I wasn't exactly sure where to post this so I apologize if it's in the wrong place. I have a Powermac G4 with the following specs: PowerPC G4 533MHz NVIDIA GeForce 6200 256MB 40GB and 10GB Harddrives 320MB PC133 Memory DVD Rom Drive Mac OS X 10.4.11 For some odd reason though it lags in some graphic-related areas, the graphics card supports both Quartz Extreme and Core Image, yet if I open Dashboard and drag a widget out it'll attempt to do the effect but it's very sluggish. In Openmark it gets a little over 5000 as a score in 1280x1024. I can also play Halo at 640x480 but it lags heavily at anything higher than that, on my hackintosh with an Intel GMA 900 (which I believe is worse than the NVIDIA 6200 card) Halo runs fine at 1280x1024. Any idea as to what's wrong?..
  4. If he told you that he really isn't a macgeek. You could get at least $1000 for that.... If the box is 100% sealed and untouched even better.
  5. Shrimp

    Greatest Mac in History

    Powermac G4. Why? 1. It has the only processor I know of that ranges from 350MHz-2GHz which is pretty good. 2. Even today, if you really wanted to you could upgrade it to be a fairly modern machine. (upgrade the processor to Dual 1.8GHz, Upgrade the graphics to an NVIDIA 7800 GT 256MB, upgrade the memory to 2GB, add a SATA card and upgrade the harddrive to 500GB, and add a superdrive, it could work.) 3. It was released in 1999, yet the architecture of the processor was even better than the later Intel Pentium 4s. It's also the only machine I have from the 90s that I still use, the processor even stays cool enough where I could software-overclock it from 400MHz to 533MHz. I also added a flashed NVIDIA GeForce 6200 256MB card (got it real cheap), so I have QE/CI on it with Tiger. A 533MHz G4 is about equivalent to a 1GHz Pentium 4 (if they even have those), so as you can imagine it runs Tiger fairly good, apps like iTunes and Safari open instantly.
  6. Shrimp

    SB400 Leopard

    The only install of OS X in general I could get working on my HP with the x200 chipset was uphuck v1.4a. So far there isn't a working leopard distro yet it appears...
  7. Shrimp

    Do you know anything like this?

    Nothing in Windows was actually made by Microsoft if you were to dig deep deep into it and really look. It's how they work, Microsoft takes other's ideas and makes it their own and sells it in a cheaper package. And it works well for them.
  8. Shrimp

    Our top 10 Mac softwares

    Finder (not many people put this one ) Adium iTunes Safari Frostwire VLC Transmission Terminal Colloquy CyberDuck
  9. Shrimp

    10.5.2 Is Finally Released!

    Installed nice and smoothly on my MacBook Pro.
  10. As an owner of a MacBook Pro for two months now here is my opinion: Apple overprices, if you can install Mac OS X on your PC temporarily until you can afford a mac, or just install it because you don't like macs go for it, it doesn't hurt anyone. You're the consumer, if Apple doesn't give you what you want as far as hardware and price goes, too bad. I used an HP hackintosh until I could afford my MacBook Pro.
  11. Shrimp

    Macbook Air Xbench

    XBench is bugged or something. My MacBook Pro got a 60 once when at other times it got a 120.
  12. Shrimp

    10.5.2 Due Soon

    I'm so happy I have a real MacBook Pro now so I can install this without issues. XD
  13. Shrimp

    XP or Vista

    If it seems *sluggish* you definitely do not want to go with Vista, that will only make it worse. As for games, you can't play any of them in vmware unless they're years old, sorry. And install vmware tools, it will put in the drivers. Vmware doesn't use the drivers that your system does, you cannot share any system hardware with it aside from your processor, disk space, memory and of course external devices.
  14. Shrimp

    8800GT G92 on Tiger

    I wish this were possible as well... *stares at old leopard-incompatible hackintosh with 8600 GT*
  15. Shrimp


    I'm hoping this comes soon, the AirPort Troubles in this MacBook are killing me.