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  1. OSX on ASUS UL30A

    Thought this thread was dead, and yeah, it is on it's last gasp. Seems we're still stuck with the same issues, eh? No full video acceleration for the intel 4500mhd (no QE/CI), no SLEEP, and no native wifi (although an earlier post mentions there might be some headway on that). The SLEEP thing is critical for me; the laptop needs to shut off after x hrs, and it's a given you'll be snapping the laptop shut when you're on the go. Anyone able to switch to the nvidia G210 chipset dynamically in OSX? Cuz NO ONE is getting anywhere with the 4500 CI/QE support, and it would be nice if we could do that without having to set the bios in Compatibilty mode -- which crashes my other OSes... Thanks!
  2. Well, looks like no one's been able to get SLEEP working on anything higher than 10.5.7 . I went thoroughly over the much older thread that discusses SL 10.6.2 on the NB205 and that still didn't enable SLEEP for me. And no one's had much luck on this thread either. Oh well, good luck y'all.
  3. Been following procedures in both the original noxin/jstanks/M4K10 thread and this one, to get 10.6.2 working on my Toshiba NB205 . Thanks so much for the hard work, guys. But to this day, I still haven't been able to get SLEEP working on this netbook. Talk about frustrating! The latest SleepEnabler.kext (SleepEnabler for Kernel 10.2.0 from Kexts.com) from the original thread doesn't help, noxin's "green" dsdt.aml file in /Extra doesn't do it, NADA. This has me thinking to going back to Leopard 10.5.7 , all cuz SLEEP works and it's really useful for netbooks that are opened and closed continuously. Has anyone had ANY luck with a sleep solution for this NB205 running SL 10.6. 2 ? Augh...
  4. OSX on ASUS UL30A

    Okay, got sound working finally on my ASUS UL30VT. Turned out that the only audio solution that would work , for my laptop is the AppleHDA.kext + HDAEnabler.kext combination. VoodooHDA.kext wouldn't work no matter how many different versions I tried. And even working out the ideal pairing was a bit tricky too. I took Michel's recommended AppleHDA.kext and it never worked with other HDAEnabler.kext files until I finally found an HDAEnabler.kext that functioned perfectly with it. Well not "perfectly" actually, cuz I still get kernel panics on shutdowns after playing MP3s -- but it's better than no sound... The suitable HDAEnabler.kext file came from this post (which also complained about HDAEnabler): http://www.micropctalk.com/forums/showthread.php?p=36608 The compatible, specific HDAEnabler.kext file is mentioned in an earlier post. The file's location is here: http://rapidshare.com/files/136164700/HDAE...r.kext.zip.html Whew, guess that's almost everything now: wired LAN, native x4500 video, audio . No sleep of course, and wifi is courtesy of a usb stick. I have a Dell1510 that just arrived but there's no way I'm opening up this laptop and installing it by voiding the warranty... Oh, and after spending all this time trying to get audio to work, the anticlimax is the fact the sound isn't so great coming from the speakers . Well, what do you expect on a compact notebook... This notebook's set up for Quad boot btw -- by partition order, I've installed Win7Pro, Leo 10.5.8, Win7Home, Ubuntu with a gorgeous Chameleon theme boot loader. Used Anguish's triple-boot instructions (from mydellmini) as a guide. I'll write up installation instructions when I have time and if there's sufficient interest.
  5. OSX on ASUS UL30A

    BTW isyiwang, were you ever able to get sound working on your UL30VT-A1 ? I've tried several VoodhooHDA and AppleHDA kexts and still can't get it working. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks, Steve
  6. OSX on ASUS UL30A

    Hi, thanks for the help but for some reason I still got that horrid grey/brownish screen on my UL30VT-A1. Dunno why it worked for you but didn't for me. Really strange. In any case, I finally got my native resolution working with a modified Chameleon "boot" file from Deviato; by specifying "Graphics Mode", I got it running. Although which kext it's using (if any) is a mystery to me.
  7. GMA4500 Solved Native Resolution!

    Going to reply to my own post, as I figured out a way to get native 1366x768 resolution on my UL30VT -- a few minutes after posting my desperate plea. How typical! Used Deviato's modified "boot" file (simply replaced my existing /boot) and used the kext files that have been giving me such grief; worked out. Wow... Forget about Flash animation or anything more than Youtube videos, I suppose. Also installed only iLife08 as I've read that iLife09 runs into problems. Also sucks that some screensavers won't work. Ah well... Thanks.
  8. GMA4500 Solved Native Resolution!

    Has anyone been able to get this working on an ASUS UL30VT in Leopard (10.5.8)? I keep getting this fuzzy brown/grey screen after installing the kext files from the original post. Driving me insane! I'm thinking it's probably due to the competiting dual video chips (intel 4500 vs nvidia 2100) on this laptop. I didn't have these problems using my ASUS UL30A (which only has a single intel 4500 chip). Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much!
  9. OSX on ASUS UL30A

    Has anyone really been able to get the native GMA4500 kext working in Leopard (10.5.8) on their ASUS UL30VT ? I'm having the craziest time trying to get it to work. Installing both kexts in the original "GMA 4500 Solved Native Resolution" thread never seems to work on my UL30VT . It did work on an earlier UL30A build. I think it's the conflicting dual Intel 4500/nvidia 2100 video chips. I run in "Enhanced" hard drive bios mode to ensure the Intel 4500 chip is dominant when I boot into OSX, but still the GMA 4500 kexts produce this ugly, fuzzy brown/grey screen. I can't get away from it. And I'd prefer not to run in "Compatible" hard drive bios mode cuz of the performance hit (even though it forces nvidia chip to run in osx). I know GMA 4500/x4500 QE/CI remains a near-impossible wish, but still, has anyone been able to run the native 1366x768 on their UL30VT , using some X4500 kext or another correctly? If so, which kext(s) did you use and where can I get them? I understand the same applies to UL50VT or UL80VT owners. Michel, have you been able to run native resolution on your UL80VT? Thanks so much everyone, this is driving me nuts!
  10. OSX on ASUS UL30A

    Thanks Michel. If you could, i would really appreciate your uploading the analog sound fix that worked for you. Merci bien!
  11. OSX on ASUS UL30A

    Hi Michel, Can you tell us how you got analog sound working? BTW, were you able to force your nvidia gpu to work vs the default native intel 4500 gpu? My understanding is that you need to enable "compatibility" mode to get the nvidia to default, so you can run osx with qe/ci ...
  12. OSX on ASUS UL30A

    I'm about to head that way myself, actually, and blow away my Leo install for a new SL install. I figure SL 10.6.2 can't be any worse off than 10.5.7/10.5.8 , so why not? We do have 10.6 intel 4500 and 10.6 wired equivalent kexts from the same above sources, and also the recent interest in the X4500 thread(s) regarding new but not-yet-compatible Intel drivers released by Apple for 10.6.3 . Some people are working hard at modifying these recent kext files into QE-supported Intel 4500 versions. Very exciting right now. There was also a report from someone that stated an Apple store employee stated there'll be a switchover to Intel graphic chips in future generations of macbooks, so who knows...? You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain, really.
  13. OSX on ASUS UL30A

    So far my understanding is that for 10.5.7, 10.5.8 and 10.6.2 installations on the ASUS UL30, we have no "true" working Intel 4500MHD kext (although we do have working native resolution support) and have a working wired/cable ethernet kext (as Michel mentions). So far, no one has a 4500 QE/CI -enabled kext -- so stuff like front row and full chess isn't available ... yet. But limited video support is better than none, and the wired ethernet kext development was quite a breakthrough. No sleep support I've ever heard of to date, nor wireless support. Only option for wifi is to grab a usb wifi stick for the interim.