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  1. Would it be possible to upload the IOPCIFamily.kext you're using? TP
  2. I'll try that. I've been nosing around for a few hours using the XCode dev tools anyways... (BTW, don't know if I was clear about this: When I said "when booting normally" I meant "when booting where the IOPCCard fails but the OS boots fine.") Thanks for all your advice so far. TP
  3. Okay, more info: When I add the old IOPCIFamily.kext from 10.4.4, add the revised IOPCCardFamily.kext, repair permissions and so on, and restart, this is what I get. It all goes smoothly until: IOPCCard info: Intel PCIC probe: TI xx12 rev 00 USBF: 51. 92 EHCI controller unable to take control from BIOS USBF: 51. 94 AppleUSBEHCI[0x2de6800]: unable to obtain ownership: 0xe00002be USBF: 51. 97 AppleUSBEHCI[0x2de6800] : : UIMInitialize - Error Occurred (0xe00002be) USBF: 51.101 AppleUSBEHCI: unable to initialize UIM After that, I get the grey block and it just hangs. When booting normally (that is, without the old IOPCIFamily.kext from 10.4.4 but with the revised IOPCCardFamily.kext), I get this: USBF: 38. 71 EHCI controller unable to take control from BIOS USBF: 38. 73 AppleUSBEHCI[0x2090000]: unable to obtain ownership: 0xe00002be USBF: 38. 75 AppleUSBEHCI[0x2090000] : : UIMInitialize - Error Occurred (0xe00002be) USBF: 38. 78 AppleUSBEHCI: unable to initialize UIM A couple of reboots convinced me that the numbers, "38 .71" and so on, don't mean anything. What's interesting is the one major change - it's 0x2090000 instead of 0x2de6800. I have no idea how to use this information , though. Anyone more skilled than me willing to interpret? BTW, I figured out how to get MacDrive working. The main issue is that the MacOSX drive wasn't showing up in Windows Explorer even with "View Mac Disks" checked in the MacDrive options and a drive letter assigned. I noticed that it was showing up when I would go to save a file, though. This got me thinking that maybe it would show up if I used Windows Explorer alternative. To that end, I picked up this awesome bit of freeware called A34 and voila, there the drive was. No more clean installs (for now)! The only minor issue now is that I have to change the MacOSX drive letter in Acronis every time I reboot Windows. But that's a small price to pay. TP
  4. 1) you're talking the space between the two sides of the range? like <50000000 51fff0000 >? yep, doin' that. 2) using xcode's property list editor, yeah. output: 8:06.0 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments Unknown device 8039 Subsystem: Hewlett Packard Company Unknown device 30a5 Flags: bus master, medium devset, latency 168, IRQ 185 Memory at d2004000 (32-bit non-prefetchable) Bus: primary = 08, secondary = 09, subordinate = 0c, sec-latency = 176 Memory window 0: 50000000-51fff000 (prefetchable) Memory window 1: 54000000-55fff000 I/O Window 0: 00003400-000034ff I/O Window 1: 00003800-000038ff 16-bit legacy interface ports at 0001 venID: 104c devID: 8039 idears? tp
  5. Okay, to recap: The first time I tried this, I used both of Bugs' kexts. It recognized my card but hung. The second time, I used the IOPCIFamily.kext that Bugs took from 10.4.4 and edited my IOPCCardFamily.kext, using my computer's memory and I/O windows in Info.plist. I also used Bugs' IOPCCardFamily/Contents/MacOS/IOPCCardFamily file, as a comparison in HexEdit showed that it had been edited the way I needed it to be edited already. (With TI xx12 in place of TI 7610 and with 39 80 in the two places it needed to be, that is.) Same problem, the card was recognized but the system hung. The third time, I didn't change the IOPCIFamily.kext from the one installed with 10.4.6, but I did use my modified IOPCCardFamily.kext (with the mem/IO edits and the Bugs-edited IOPCCardFamily driver file). Card failed to be recognized. So it seems like the variable here is the IOPCIFamily.kext. The older version leaves me hanging, the new version fails me. I have no idea what to do next... TP
  6. I actually used Bugs' IOPCCardFamily driver file from the MacOS folder inside the Contents folder of IOPCCardFamily.kext - I did a compare between that file and mine in HexEdit and it replaced TI 7610 (I think) with TI xx12. Bugs' file also edited the "39 80" in... that's my Dev ID (8039). So it should work. But it isn't, at least not with the 10.4.4 IOPCIFamily.kext. I'm going to try it with the 10.4.6 kext and see if it works. TP
  7. The drive letter won't stay for some reason. I've tried giving it a letter in Acronis Disk Director before I've booted any OSs (via Acronis OS Selector) and it's not even an option then. Any ideas? Also - MacOSX is a primary drive. Would this have any effect on its visibility? Thanks, TP
  8. Whoops, I meant DevID. I'll look it over a few times. Thanks for the advice! TP
  9. Do you boot with the DVD, then access the OSX partition via Terminal? Or are you doing this with MacDrive? Because MacDrive isn't recognizing my MacOSX partition presently for some reason. Since I last wrote here, I did a clean install and tried again. Last time I used Bugs' files and they left me hanging, though with a recognized PCMCIA. I figured this was because I was dumb enough to think that Bugs maybe shared memory and I/O windows with me, so this time I edited the memory and I/O windows into IOPCCardFamily/Info.plist myself, using information I culled from SUSE Linux (which I also have on my computer). I edited in my serial and TI xx12 stuff using the HexEdit program, comparing IOPCCardFamily drivers with Bugs'. Then I copied the corrected IOPCCardFamily.kext file to /System/Library/Extensions/, along with the 10.4.4 version of IOPCIFamily.kext (since everyone said to do this). After that, I repaired permissions, did the "chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/*.kext" thing, deleted Extensions.kextcache and Extensions.mkext, and rebooted. Upon reloading, I had the exact same problem as before - IOPCCardBridge recognition and endless hangtime. Do you think it's the old version of IOPCIFamily.kext that's messing it up? Or what could it be? Thanks, TP
  10. I have the same problem that Mariusz is having. It boots until it discovers the card - you know, "IOPCCardBridge: etc." - then nothing. Is there any way to edit the kexts that got me in this predicament outside of the MacOS, since I can't get in there, or am I going to have to do a clean install? Clearly I can't do anything from Windows, and I don't have a Linux installation on my computer (though I'd be willing to set one up if I could edit the kexts from there). Thanks! TP