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  1. [Random] 9999 Replies

    454 - enjoy it almost half way there
  2. after fiddling with my hackintosh for months it convinced me to get a real macbook and its great, I haven't had any problems until trying to install leopard because I dont have a dvd burner ha ha
  3. Leopard development disk leaked

    well done colonels and great advice adrian thats what I will be trying IF my download finishes *cough *cough 2.3 kb/s
  4. ATI 9800 Pro 128mb AGP

    I have the same graphics card except when i boot with it, I just get a black screen with a mouse, you can search for my post about it, I think its something with your motherboard but who knows
  5. also try LaCie Lightscribe, it works with my LG lightscribe http://www.lacie.com/more/?id=10016 I cant remember exactly how I got it working because it was over a month ago but somehow someway this worked for me Ill try it again and write a tut if I have to reinstall it though
  6. definetly toast titanium
  7. How to...?

    delete the old one confirm replace it confirm delete the 2 kextcaches next to the extensions folder in Library use disk utility to repair permissions
  8. .Mac account

    yes i use .mac and haven't been sued.. yet, its quite nice and helps my osx86 pc play along with my macbook quite nicely
  9. Hypertreading enabled yes or no?

    I had problems with HT in 10.4.3 but with my ASROCK board there was another couple of Bios options that had to be changed to get optimal performance
  10. Apps crashing

    I had the same problem with final cut pro 5.1, even though yes it is universal for some reason it did not play nicely, go into Get Info and try checking the () Open app with rosetta
  11. easiest install on a Acer Aspire 3623NWXMi

    plug it into an external monitor...
  12. ATI Radeon 9800XT 0x4e4a Core Image Working

    I just tried this method with a 9800 aiw pro devid "0x4e48" and after I rebooted it still didnt look like the machine picked up the kext
  13. need help dual boot system

    put windows xp on the booting hdd and then follow the chain0 instructions
  14. Parallels Question

    parallels can boot a seperate hdd if you go into advanced when setting up a hard drive but seperate partition does not work that I know of
  15. [HowTo] Update to 10.4.7 from 10.4.6 (Intel ONLY)

    good works JaS keep it up - peace