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  1. I've got a strange issue that's only happening with Maverick. My DVD Drive is a Sony Optiarc that worked fine under Lion, but now there is no eject button in the upper bar. Also, when a disc is inserted it seems to recognize it, but when ejected the drive changes from a disc icon to a thumbdrive icon that says "Untitled" My spare USB dvd drive does the same thing. I've tried reinstalling [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] with 3rd party sata checked. I also unchecked (power down hard drives when possible) in the settings. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  2. mrsentraser

    Desktop animation problem

    Nice find. going to maybe grab a spare drive and install lion on my ep45 setup. Been running lion just fine on a p67a board.
  3. mrsentraser

    HD 6870 DVI Connectors SOLVED

    That's actually what problem I have. It's an XFX 6870 and only 1 DVI works. So just using terminal and pasting the perl command above will enable the second DVI port on my card?
  4. mrsentraser

    HD 6870 DVI Connectors SOLVED

    Is it as easy as using Kextwizard to install the ATI6000controller.kext above and restarting?
  5. mrsentraser

    HD 6870 DVI Connectors SOLVED

    Does this still work with 10.7.4?
  6. mrsentraser

    GA-EP45-UD3P host of problems after install

    how would I go about extracting a DSDT for this board? Seems like a processor issue to be honest. Quad core has problems, but dual core works fine. Is there something that might needed tweeked in OSX?
  7. mrsentraser

    GA-EP45-UD3P host of problems after install

    If I boot cpus=1 , it seems to work fine without issue. The problem is that everything runs off 1 core... despite the system seeing 4 total. Anyone know of issues with a core2extreme chip? Dual core chip works fine out of the box, and doesn't require the boot flag.
  8. Life hacker build that I was happy with for the most part running snow leopard. I'd like to get Lion running on the system, but I've had no luck. System Specs: EP45-UD3P rev. 1 , Intel C2Q6700 stock speed, 8Gb Crucial DDR-2 (only 4gb for install) HD is a seagate 2.5 SATA drive. Graphics card XFX 6870 (same issues I had with 9800GTX) I used the 9800GTX with Snow Leopard and it was working good. Since you can't use ATI with Snow Leopard and I wanted to upgrade to a newer Gfx card I tried using Lion first on the 9800GTX, then just upgraded to the ATI hoping it would fix this issues... it did not. This is a dual monitor setup! Method Used: created Lion installer thumbdrive using ###### and Lion downloaded from app store. I boot with the same bios settings used for Snow Leopard. Install to a fresh harddrive. I setup as GPT, 1 Partition, OSX journaled. Install takes approximately 20 minutes. Reboot, boot from flash drive, pick the new lion install (Macintosh HD), and get only 1 display. configure with a generic user (i'll be using migration assistant later) As soon as I tell it what keyboard I have, if I click on finder it freezes. I constantly get finder freezes. When I open applications or click on "about my mac" I get a strange video issue. Animations are fine, but applications will sometimes load as ghosts. They are almost like watermarks on the screen. I can still interact with them, but they are faint and usually smaller than they should be. closing them and restarting them sometimes fixes this issue. When "about my mac" is up, sometimes when I close it the image remains behind... but it's not able to be interacted with. I'll install ###### thinking this resolves the problems, but it doesn't. I'm tried just about everything under ######. To my understanding, I should only have to select: The option to fix permissions (System Utilities) Kexts: Audio --- ALCXXXHDA, appleHDArollback, then the 889a under non-dsdt HDA-Enabler (onboard sound) Network --- Lrn2macs realtek drivers bootloaders - Chimera is the only choice Custom --- pick the macpro 3.1 On a reboot, I can start without the flash drive. Sound works, but youtube/flash is choppy. Finder continues to freeze, applications still load as ghosts intermittently. I've even tried upgrading to 10.7.3 and before restarting running ###### with the same options above. Same effect after. In all my installs, I did randomly get it to work. System was running good, but during migration assistant I inadvertantly over wrote the /extra or /extensions folder with the snow leopard files and it kernel panic'd. Anyone with the same setup got it working correctly and willing to post exactly what you had to do? I've search for days and read some success stories.
  9. mrsentraser

    GeForce 9800 GTX - power problem or card problem?

    Look into baking that 9800GTX and you might be able to get some more life out of it. I baked over a dozen 8800 and 9800 series cards and they are all still working today... folding ofcourse, since i've moved on to AMD Graphics.
  10. mrsentraser

    G5 to ATX case tray question

    Speaking from experience. I used an older ATX case at work that had a removable motherboard tray. I just did a G5 to ATX conversion with the Mountain Mods tray. Night and day experience. Go with the mountain mods.
  11. I'm guessing they'll offer a USB DVD drive for those that still need an optical drive solution. I actually agree with this move by Apple.
  12. mrsentraser

    POWERMAC G5 Cases... No Longer Available!

    If only he shipped them!
  13. mrsentraser

    Show your computer running OS X

    My Hackintosh at work. We started adding mac's in the marketing dept. and I've gotta learn how to support them. Company bought 3 for other employees... told me to share with them. Needless to say, I built my own hackintosh. Excuse the crappy camera phone picture.
  14. mrsentraser

    Zero's Mac Pro case mod

    I can't wait to see how this turns out. Sorry can't offer any information about the power supply, but will definitely keep an eye on this.
  15. You're going to have issues cause the processor isn't a Core2Duo... it's just a pentium dual core. Also, the graphics are gonna be an issue. Searching the forums for using ATI cards (even looking at the kalkwalk forums) will be your best guide.