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  1. Hi. I don't think it will work with me, but I am very hopeful. Acer Extensa 5220. Single intel processor Please let me know! I am having much trouble getting Retail installed. Thank you
  2. Acer Extensa 5220 Hi guys! I am a little stuck and would like some further explanation if someone doesn't mind helping me out. I followed this simple guide to install retail Leopard here. I have Retail Leopard Installed, and I am sitting in Kaly, ready to install kext, cause when I boot Retail Leopard doesn't recognise my keyboard. I have downloaded correct kexts, I just don't know how to install them properly to make them work. I tried copying packages from kaly DVD and installing them into new partition with retail leo, didn't work I had to reinstall. I tried following another guide on installing kexts and repairing permissions but I found it to be very user-unfriendly for newbies at this thing, I didn't understand the lingo used. This is the part I am up to in the whole installing retail leopard process: (Leo 10.5.6) Now to remove incompatible kext or install requird one Put kext file in the user folder(users/currentuser(yourusername)/ Open post patch change (destination=Name of Drive where retail leopard is installed) Open terminal and drag drop post patch this included Sound file is for GA P35 DS4 or similar Gigabyte motherboard & GFX EFI string for nvidia 7600 GT Card Make sure in Post patch sh file you replace with drive name(Leopard) with yours Drive name Boot with new Drive and enjoy Good luck with your built Thank you in advance REcruit_
  3. Can't boot Kalyway without dvd

    Can you also boot it without EFI bootcd? I want to make my computer easier to boot, than having to start from a cd all the time. Is this possible? At the moment I have the choice of booting OS X with installation DVD or bootloader cd, but I don't want to use either. Please help! Kaly 10.5.2 Acer Extensa 5220
  4. Make Leopard HD Bootable by Kalyway

    When I tried I got the message error fdisk is not a recognized command ..or something along the lines of. Can you please help me out?
  5. ATHEROS AR5007 (Aspire 150 Working w/Kismac)

    Acer Extensa 5220 Atheros AE5007EG Did not work for me. Same happens as other tut's have guided me - apple detects airport card. No networks ever shown. Followed your guide exact and didn't work for me. Looks like I am buying that Dell card for my laptop Good luck to the rest of you
  6. Atheros AR5007EG

    Hi all. Just sharing my story. Acer Extensa 5220 Kaly 5.2.2 - upgrading to 10.5.5 to try this fix. I could not get it to work, no matter what I did. Weeks of trial and error got me nowhere. Following this guide, the next guys guide, and so on. I have decided to buy a new wifi adaptor for my computer, one that is known to work. Good luck to you all!
  7. Problem solved. After weeks of stress and late nights of research I called my ISP for help. I wish I had done this in the first instance! The problem was the DNS was wrong I can't believe I could be so stupid. The DNS was fetched automatically so it wasn't by wrong input on my part, my ISP told me the DNS that was not there was not the right one for my router. So there! Problem solved! If anyone has the same problem, which I know a lot using Leopard do (thanks to google) check DNS settings! Thanks to those who helped!
  8. Thanks for your reply. Within the corners of your knowledge, would this command still work even after a clean install? This did not fix my problem. If you answered no to the above question, I've already wiped the HDD and reinstall kaly 10.5.2. If it doesn't matter whether you have performed a clean install or not, I would assume this command does some magic with the router itself? I would like to add I do not have administrative rights on my home network. Perhaps you can help me further. -REcruit_
  9. Hi, all. I am running Kalyway 10.5.5 currently, on an Acer Extensa 5220. When running Kaly 10.5.2, I had sound working out of the box, ethernet after research and trial and error (and have now found a 100% working solution), No battery display ever, and no wifi. Through tut's in this community I was able to get Leopard to recognize my wifi card, but never find a signal. This was in 10.5.5 using (mainly) oldmaclover's method. - because of this failure, I want to upgrade my wifi card. I need you guys to help me find one compatible with my system, that will work with Hackintosh (pref. Kalyway, 10.5.2-10.5.5) Currently using; Atheros AE5007EG This is all I know about it. Can anyone out there help me?
  10. I've performed a clean install, I still have the same problem. It must be a damaged cable, perhaps the -female- part of the PCI card on my laptop. The ethernet works fine in Vista and XP on my machine, and my flatmates legit Mac Os, perhaps Mac OS 10.5.2 is a bit more serious than Windows when it comes to damaged hardware. That's all I can make of it. It's a bit upsetting, but what can you do. I've currently ditched the idea and started trying to get my Atheros AE5007EG working (wifi). I'm not having much luck following oldmaclover's guide. If anyone comes across this thread and has some info please share
  11. To; Thread Creator. Hi, I have another device to add to the OK list. I'm in New Zealand, we have the vodafone network here and they provide a USB WLAN service. I can confirm this works hassle free in Mac OS 10.5.2 (Kalyway) with the Mac drivers that can be obtained at vodafone's webiste. vodafone.co.nz I'm unsure if they provide this service in other countries, if so I don't see why it wouldn't work overseas also. Cheers guys and a hello to the entire community.
  12. Hi, is this what people were asking for? With the 'fake' injected into the bootloader? If so - awesome, thank you. Thanks. By this, do you mean a copy of Snow Leopard never before used? I was thinking of using my partners copy (she has a real Mac). If this is the case, please explain why so I don't ask such a silly question in the future. -- By the way, Thanks for your hard work putting together your HacOs Snow Leopard, and posting tut for us.
  13. Ok.. Problem still exists. The ethernet sometimes works... sometimes doesn't. It's very fustrating. I did some research, turns out these numbers are made up by your computer. After trying to reach the modem for an IP, and failing, the computer will make up it's own IP, using these numbers. This could be a result of a broken ethernet, as well as other things. (not in my case) Can anyone help me?? As I am using Kalyway 5.5.2 build, I think the MAC address of my computer is not proper.. Can someone confirm? I remember reading somewhere during installation that if I wanted to change MAC address do this (...) but I have lost the document. What I'm getting at - Is it possible my 'hackintosh' has the same MAC address as another Mac computer in my house? I cannot get to this computer to check. If it does have the same MAC address, reason for there being no IP could be 'cause there's already that computer on the network.. ???? - if the above isn't reason, then could it have something to do with the vodem? I'm more leaning towards this direction, the above guess was just that, a guess. I'm really just throwing balls with my eyes shut here. Hoping for the swish. Please help if you have any infomation!
  14. I'm blown away. After using my VODEM again just now, I decided to try to access the internet again with an ethernet and the correct IP is shown, the internet works! I'm very confused as to how this happened.. or why it happened.. and if anyone has any information I'm all ears. Cheers.