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  1. gigibatt

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    Hi Jief, i have a similar problem, have you solved?
  2. Ok Maldon, I found a DSDT for a model very similar to my notebook, I tried to start with that and I do not have kernel panic, there are some errors that are reported at boot but it works ... What I'm asking you is if you can figure out what was changed to eliminate the initial panic kernel problem. So you can correct my original in the same way. I am attaching both dsdt, if you need more information write me, if it's something you can do I'll be grateful WORKING DSDT.aml ORIGINAL DSDT.aml P.S. the H_EC to EC not change anything
  3. It does not work, I noticed that if I wait 10 seconds for the clover screen to start, but sometimes it goes into kernel panic. I managed to install Clover on the HD, but after the second reboot it no longer sees the disk ... I tried to repair from Disk Utility but it fails, it seems that it has broken the partition, now I have to format and reinstall. Tips?
  4. ok Maldon, I'm back on my notebook. I can boot only from the USB installer, but not from the disk. It seems that the random ECR2 method does not load arguments and returns a kernel panic. I am unable to start, so I can not start the RunMe.app but I am attaching: 1. ORIGIN folder extracted via Clover 2. Photo of the Kernel Panic 3. EFI folder that works to start the installer via USB Do you want to do something with these few files too? please copy and paste the links because if you clik directly on the link asks you the credentials, I think it's the fault of the forum format terminalstrip.net/MaLdOn/CLOVER.zip terminalstrip.net/MaLdOn/origin.zip
  5. sorry for the trivial question: is there a software to compare two dsdt files?
  6. Hello, i need to see the posts# but with the new inferface i can't find it any help?
  7. OK, now i have a PM support with a SSDT (my own pr_gen) the only problem is USB3, whun i have my hd usb connected to usb and i shutdown the pc reboot and not shutdown i re-attach a send me files if you are able to help me, thanx friend http://www.terminalstrip.net/FABIO/Send_me_3.zip
  8. no...everytime panic i've changed sometime in bios, this is the new sendme i have problems with usb3 and i dont know if i need dsdt or not for PM http://www.terminalstrip.net/FABIO/Sendmenew.zip
  9. @Maldon Hi friend! I had to pause the notebook for work commitments, now I have a pc on my hands that seems to go pretty well but I miss the dsdt. Do you think an SSDT is also necessary? I attach the files as per post # 1 Hello and thanks http://www.terminalstrip.net/FABIO/EFI.zip http://www.terminalstrip.net/FABIO/Sendme.zip please copy and paste the links to avoid error
  10. nothing, another kernel panic. starting with your folder it then created an error on the disk that made it non-repairable. I begin to think that there is a hardware problem, because the USB with your Clover folder starts. I send you a picture of the SSD M2 disk, can you tell me if it has compatibility problems? Can you recommend me yn dusco M2 that does not give problems with OSX?
  11. the system starts, at every start it tells me that the mac was turned off due to an error, etc ... then it works