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  1. nothing, another kernel panic. starting with your folder it then created an error on the disk that made it non-repairable. I begin to think that there is a hardware problem, because the USB with your Clover folder starts. I send you a picture of the SSD M2 disk, can you tell me if it has compatibility problems? Can you recommend me yn dusco M2 that does not give problems with OSX?
  2. the system starts, at every start it tells me that the mac was turned off due to an error, etc ... then it works
  3. <br class="Apple-interchange-newline"><div></div> 145/5000 it does not change anything, as you saw the dsdt is completely missing.if among the kext I put the battery manager I only have kernel panic and I can not start
  4. so ... after many attempts I managed to reinstall from scratch. I had to reset the EC using a button on the motherboard called EC_RST At the moment it starts but every two or three booting goes in crask at boot I am attaching my EFI folder and files created by runme.app Surely the problem is caused by this ecm2, I am also attaching a picture of the kernelpanic http://www.terminalstrip.net/MaLdOn/Airbook_Febr26.zip EDIT: IF I WAIT 20 seconds on Clover Boot Menu the System boot without kernel panic...too strange
  5. no way... continuous panic kernel. I managed to start only the usb installation, but every now and then crashes, it seems that something changes randomly at startup ... I do not know what to do, if you want I can try to install windows or linux and send you some report files, just to understand where the problem may be. However, it seems that everything is related to an ECM2 module. tips?
  6. no... does not start in any way, I also tried to remove extensions and clover flags. Using the old folder Clover (which I enclose) once started from the stick, the second attempt to boot in kernel panic as you can see from the picture that I attach. can it be something related to the msr patch? CLOVER.zip
  7. ok, I'm on the notebook ... using your Clover folder I have a kernel panic. I had to make a video to understand what is the cause, I am attaching this frame, you are able to understand what it depends on?
  8. maldon, this is a new build, not for the notebook...this is a desktop Asus Please help EFI: http://www.terminalstrip.net/JACK/EFI.zip Send me iMac-di-Jack.station.zip
  9. Hi maldon, I would like to complete the DSDT for my laptop. it is a Chinese laptop (Wbin Airbook), which has several ACPI problems and in reading the battery status. I tried to follow a Rehabman post but I could not change the DSDT to make it "compatible" with ACPIBatteryManager.kext I do not even read the PCI in System Profiler .. If you can help me I'll pay you some beer Send me MBP-di-sto.station.zip
  10. NO WAY BUT.... I put back the first DSDT you sent me (post # 1890) and I disabled the FakeCPUID from CloverConfigurator (is not necessary). Now the PCi are fine, I still have these errors, but I do not know what they're related to and if they create problems: - ACPI Error: pci (build 09:27:03 Dec 17 2017), flags 0xe3000 (fig. 1) - init: error getting PHY_MODE; using MODE_UNKNOW /fig. 2) this maybe is related to wifi, but I do not think it's important - Unsupported CPU for reporter (fig. 3) - AGPM?? how to verify? - How to rename the PCI in System Profiler? - How to have native power management (SSDT??) Look at the attachments thank you! debug_15157.zip Mac Pro di Gian.ioreg.zip