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  1. Hello Maldon, new build! See the attach Thanx!Send me iMac-di-Bracco.home.zip CLOVER.zip
  2. there are errors in AcpiErrorWarning.txt Please check, because in the files I sent you there were not Send me MBP-di-Federico.home.zip
  3. @MaLd0n I had to change the Bios for the third time ... now it seems stable, the previous Bios had changed the subsystem ID of the sound card and it did not sound ... I am attaching the Sendme, check if: 1. Clover patches are all necessary 2. the clover.plist is correct 3. PCI Cards are missing 4. Do I have to disable hibernation or similar? Thanks as always Send me MacBook-Pro-di-Federico.zip
  4. Hello @MaLd0n I had several hardware problems and I was forced to update the bios. I attach the send me, at the moment almost everything goes except the audio, the system sees the sound card but does not play, not even from the hdmi output. I am attaching the dumps made with Ubuntu. Treat this pc as if it were new, you have to redo the dsdt and correct the config. Thank you! Send me MBP-di-Federico.home.zip CodecDump.zip
  5. Changed some bios settings, please make new Clover folder link because the Send Me is more then 2,81MB DOWNLOAD SEND ME
  6. gigibatt

    Dual Screen Not Working

    Herve! I have a pc clone of the notebook of which I asked you above. The only problem I have is that if I start with the external monitor connected to the HDMI output, the internal monitor remains black and only the external one works. Can you tell me what I have to do for you? Mount an Intel HD620 (framebuffer 59160000)
  7. FANTASTIC! without SSDT-3 goes into the Panic kernel, is this normal? Now I've created and inserted it, now everything seems to go, can you check? It gives me an error in the kernel log Please check if you find any error/things that can be improved Thanks again maldon! Send me MacBook-Pro-2.station.zip IF I BOOT WITH EXTERNAL MONITOR CONNECTED THE MAIN SCREEN GO TO BLACK...how to solve? @MaLd0n
  8. Hello, MaLd0n! New build..new request... i will change the WIFI/BT card with a Broadcom BMC94352Z (DW1560), if you want to keep it in mind I still have to patch the battery, in the meantime I'm waiting for your EFI Thanx!!! P.S. I had to change the dsdt to start, if you have to do it again just delete it, please remember. 18088 Method (_LID, 0, NotSerialized) // _LID: Lid Status { Return (ECR2 (RefOf (LSTE))) Send me MBP-di-FedeV.station.zip
  9. gigibatt

    Dual Screen Not Working

    Thank you for what you taught me and for the time you spent for me! the last question: Rehab says the lags / pauses / unresponsiveness shortly after boot is caused from unused connectors. Do you think I have to remove connectors from the ig-platform? How to?
  10. gigibatt

    Dual Screen Not Working

    mmm ok... I do not know any non-Apple notebook with two thunderbolt outputs. So you're telling me that it makes no sense to use the SMBIOS MacBook Pro 13.3 because there are no notebooks with thunderbolt outputs? I thought it was possible to simply say to use an HDMI port instead of a thunderbolt ....
  11. gigibatt

    Dual Screen Not Working

    I use a Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter, as the output port is HDMI only. Now I correct and put the patch 1. Thanks for the help. Regarding the MacBook Pro 13.3 maybe I have not explained well. If I use this SMBIOS and connect an external monitor, nothing is detected but only the integrated notebook screen works. This model has two Thunderbolt ports as video outputs, so I ask you where I need to change to change from Thunderbolt to HDMi and activate video output You need some output files from my system?
  12. gigibatt

    Dual Screen Not Working

    Many thanx for reply Hervé! I tried what you wrote to me ... it seems to work, but when I connect the external monitor it goes back to 00040000 .... I do not understand why! Look Yourself in the attacched. I ask you something else, you can tell me why if you imposed as SMBIOS MacBook Pro 13.3 the external monitor is not right, while with the other SMBIOS works (example, works with Macbook pro 13.1 - 13.2 - 9, 1) MacBook Pro with HDMI.ioreg MacBook Pro No connection HDMI.ioreg