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    liutszho got a reaction from search4kids in Run Vanilla OS X El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra or Mojave in VirtualBox 5.x.x on a Windows Host   
    Thank you so much for this post!
    Too bad virtual box doesn't support guest additions for OSX to setup native shared folders between host and guest.
    I'm only left with options like SMB or NFS but both seem to be bottle necking in speeds by the network adapter type options (i.e. Intel PRO/1000 MT Server), I would really like faster than gigabit internet adapters.
    After getting an NFS share between host and guest, I am only transferring at 12 MB/s
    Darn this would have been absolutely awesome. So close!
    I'm going to snoop around and see if there's any chance to activate PCI pass through.