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  1. Lion GM Facetime error

    Following this link to add a new cert. https://discussions.apple.com/message/15720055#15720055
  2. Lion GM Facetime error

    I sort out the problem... The culprit is the hosts file which is inside /private/etc. You need to remove all the unwanted blocking. Probably most of the guys block this address gs.apple.com. If you see a "#" before the apple ip address uncomment it and the best way is to just have the default value. ## # Host Database # # localhost is used to configure the loopback interface # when the system is booting. Do not change this entry. ## localhost broadcasthost ::1 localhost fe80::1%lo0 localhost Just make sure you have this and that should fix the signing problem. Hope this helps folks who run into this problem. FT trying to connect to the server but you must be blocking in the hosts file. rest is next. All the best guys.
  3. Lion GM Facetime error

    Is that a clean installation of Lion over clean SL? Or upgrade of an existing SL to Lion? Well it seems MBP users have this issue on an upgrade. You can move "com.apple.FaceTime.plist" and "com.apple.FaceTime.plist.lockfile" from "~/Library/Preferences/" to desktop [For safer method] and reboot the system and restart FaceTime and see if that helps? Coz when you restart FT fresh these Preferences files are created automatically. Hope this fixes the issue. I would wait for the final release which is hours ahead of official launch and hope that fixes all these issues. As GM for developers and I don't think end-users should expect everything to work. Cross your fingers for the final release and then you can give it a try. Cheers. EDIT: Other Mac users have problem with this issue too. http://tinyurl.com/6bb4e5m
  4. Lion GM Facetime error

    Seems there is no connection error. Usually it should throw invalidation error if it is not signing in properly. Surprised it just cleans up validation info without any error.
  5. Lion GM Facetime error

    Guys... Export or somebody sharing their certs is not going to help in any kind. Coz when Apple signs their certs, they usually encrypt some data with your mac address or your serial number. But there are other chances too. On first install, they may just capture some data and encrypt with your cert and then store it into the Keychain Access. I am a Mac user and not using HCKINTOSH Maybe Apple will release a cert with and transfer it over when the official LION is out in the market. But I do suspect there is something more than the cert. All these cert usual during beta stage throws an error when you read the console. Maybe you guys should see what kinda error FT throws when trying to sign in. Maybe that will help us here to figure it out. Cheers
  6. Lion GM Facetime error

    Maybe this will fix the problem. Certs usually reside Keychain Access (KA) > login > My Certificates [under category] Go to the above navigation and look for the certs listed and select one by one and you will see the details above like this. "Issued by: Apple iPhone Device CA"... Do a backup and delete. Quit KA and then launch FT. If the problem still exist. Go to KA again and import the cert back to the My Certificates and follow these steps. 1. Right click the cert and Get Info... 2. Expand Trust and then select "Always Trust". usually "Use System Default" is selected by default. Change to Always Trust and close that window and enter the system admin password. 3. Right click the imported certificate and select "New Identities Preference" 4. In the Location or Email Address: box paste this URL "https://registration.ess.apple.com/WebObjects/VCRegistrationService.woa/wa/register" and click Add. 5. Quit KA and restart the system and launch FT again. Most likely this should fix the problem. If still throws error then Apple should reissue a newer certificate which will update this issue. Cross your fingers
  7. Lion GM Facetime error

    This is due to the Certification error. 1. In Spotlight type in "Keychain Access" 2. There will be a certificate issued by Apple iPhone Device CA - This certificate was signed by an unknown authority. Delete this certificate (or move it to the desktop, out of the keychain access store) 3. Launch Facetime and login - this time there will be no error. That helped a lot of users in the beta stage. If this solution didn't know then there maybe a new certification ready from Apple and need to be updated.
  8. 10.5.7 has been released

    Hi guys... How are you doing? Back again after a long silence I just tried the Combo Update 10.5.7 from 10.5.2....hehe... like I said after a long silence... Now the system screwed with AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement and I get a Panic (CPU 1 Caller 0x........) Even though my HPET is enabled on BIOS, it is showing no HPETs available /SourceCode/AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement/...... Well I wasn't around for a longtime to update any of the last updates so please bear with me in this regards and guide me to fix it. Thanks Riaz
  9. Hi there, Thanks for the steps... I accidently installed 10.5.2 and now got stuck at at "dsmos starting..." Can I try to install using your method from Tiger? Coz I have Tiger and Leopard in different partitions... Need help... thanks
  10. Kalyway Leopard Installer

    Hi there, I installed Leo last nite and everything went on fine during installation and post installation problem occured abt "Failure to load extensions com.apple.AppleAHCIPort" and I replaced my existing Tiger kext and passed thru that and had to remove natit to logon to leo. Now another problem occured... when I tried to open Terminal... I get a PAM error and then [Process Completed] and can't do anything on the terminal. So no drag and drop, so I followed the instructions about on the single user mode and I get an error when I tried to run diskutil command after "fsck -fy" command. The error says "Unable to run because unable to use the DiskManagement Framework. Common reasons include, but are not limited to, the DiskArbitration framework being unavailable due to being booted in single-user Mode". I tried to log on and thought of running Disk Utilities and error occured during repair permissions. Is there a fix for this problem.... Btw I have an administration password set for my account. thanks in advanced. P.S.,running on the triple boot on my Hcntsh 1 on my signature.
  11. No sound in a Gigabyte P35 DS3L

    Have you tried Taruga Patcher? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=32859 download the code dump and drag it over the patcher, it should fix the problem. all the best.
  12. Kalyway OSX86 10.4.10 Installer

    Hi there, I completed my installation and everything is working great I had one software problem but I fixed it... I was trying to install MS Office and it wasn't letting me to do so, so I copied CFMSupport from my other osx machine and now I installed and every software is working great except few which needs CI/QE support. If I fix my gfx then it is great. I have a nvidia 8500GT and still searching for the some solution. Once fixed this installation served me great Thanks Kaly
  13. kernel panic after installation

    Hi, during the installation there is an option to remove "AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext". if you check that option, it'll remove it... but if you have done that already, then you should post the screenshot on startup, so can check what is wrong.
  14. kernel panic after installation

    You have to check whether the HD is connected to Master and optical drive to Slave. Specify the jumper and don't use cable select. I'm not sure how to check that without opening. But you can find using ur bios.. See where you HD and DVD are listed... Example, Primary Master: HD and Primary Slave: DVD or other option is secondary bridge. This "root device" error is mostly occur due to the jumper and the recent releases support SATA better than IDE. I think you need to open and how it is configured and also, make sure the partition is made in a such a way if your XP is primary.... WinXP | OSX | {if u have more partition put after OSX} Format OSX to Fat32 primary and don't ever format in the Disk Utility. Disk Utility is to erase and make it as Mac OS Extended (Journeled). Hope if you check your jumper and placed it correctly it should work properly. All the best
  15. kernel panic after installation

    I hope you have a IDE harddisk? Well I had exactly the same configuration last year and it worked neat without any problem. If you have any SATA drives then you need to find another way out to do the installation. If you think that you can successfully install 4.7, then why not do a update from .7-.8 and then to .10? Mostly 10.4.7 should work SSE2 machines. If you have windows then you can do a vmware native installation. Have you tried that?