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  1. redtec

    IDT High Def Audio kext

    have you got a compaq 615?
  2. redtec

    Sound Kext

    Dosnt work, very crackly!
  3. redtec

    iDeneb v1.6 on Compaq 615 issues !

    hi the touchpad and keybourd drivers... the sound is Intel HDA/IDT HDA, the idt drivers dont work but im trying to get the driver for Intel HDA, the kext for your graphics card that allows 1366x768 res... and to get transparant finder bar download OnyX and select cancell for the cheks then click parameters, then finder then click transparant form the menu bar background dropdown menu, restart pc then if i still hasnt made effect, create new user with random parameters then transfer all docs that u have to it then make sure it has admin privaleges and logout and log back in as new user, this will have the transparant finder and dellete your old user, and make a nother new user with your old username and password and you can make a new pic with that and add admin privlages then logout and log back in as your new, new user then delete the old one!! done. VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext.zip VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip RadeonHD.kext.zip
  4. redtec

    Sound Kext

    has anyone got a kext for Intel High Definition Audio: Device ID: 0x103C308C i have a compaq 615 any help appreciated. if anyone needs the kext for radeon HD 3200 i have the kext. RadeonHD.kext.zip
  5. hi my device id is HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_7608&SUBSYS_103C308C&REV_1002 HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_7608&SUBSYS_103C308C and im running a compaq 615 with ideneb 10.5.8, and i cant find the kext anywere any help would be appreciated
  6. i have the same problem, when you go to type, like a password, those dots, does it keep writing the same leter and you cant stop it?