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  1. This worked beautifully for me. I bought an actual Apple Extreme N mini pci-e on Eb*y for my Acer 3680 to replace the Atheros 5007EG. The pin 20 tape trick was the key to getting it to work. Brilliant!! Absolutely Brilliant!!! Thanks to all.
  2. Thanks Fayze. deleting the NetworkInterfacePreferences.plist and preferences.plist did fix TimeMachine. Still greyed Airport Menu Icon though. I take it you don't have any issues with the greyed Airport Icon? I upgraded from 10.5.5 -> 10.5.6. BTW I don't think AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext from 10.5.6 causes any problems on the 3680. I have enabled/disabled w/o any differences, so the install script to remove it during installation isn't needed.
  3. Fayze, After upgrading to 10.5.6 I lost the ability to use TimeMachine. I get an error Time Machine could not be configured. The built-in network interface could not be found.. Also the Airport Menu Bar Icon always stays gray, even when connected. Are you having these "problems"? Any ideas on how to fix these issues?
  4. I'm having serious problems getting USB to consistently load. I can do a clean install using iPC 10.5.6 and USB works the 1st reboot. Then on a restart, it goes dead. If a shutdown then start up it USB works (most of the time). If I add audio, Taruga, USB craps out and can't be recovered under any circumstances. I get errors during load (-v -f). Firewire seems ok. I'm running rock solid 10.5.5, but 10.5.6 seems like a no go. I know that are many of you who are far more knowledgeable than me, so any insights are appreciated. Hate to see this motherboard dead-ended at 10.5..5 EDIT: Removing AppleHPET.kext fixed the problems with USB, Firewire, and Audio as others have reported. Question is: what are the consequences of this in terms of running applications and overall stability?
  5. Terrific!! This worked for me. Thanks:)
  6. Miro30, Xeon is a Core 2 Duo but from higher a bin, so theoretically it can be over clocked more. In short it is supposed to be a higher quality Core 2 Duo.
  7. Koaxial, Thanks for the info. I am pretty well in agreement with what you have suggested for me to try. However, I'm still not having any luck with wake from sleep. I'm now beginning to think it is my video card (7600GT w/Natit from BrazilMac post install). The other thing is my Leo is on my 2nd partition and Vista on first partition, but I use darwin bootloader. I'll keep playing. If I get it working I'll report back to this forum.
  8. shoarthing/koaxial, Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried setting everything to default/auto but no luck with wake from sleep. It always restarts. I'm sure it is something subtle I am missing. I am using USB keyboard and mouse, so I am thinking that may part of the problem. Are any of you having success with wake from sleep using USB to wake the computer? My other thought is around the kernel. Most of my testing is vanilla 10.5.1 (9B18). Does that work for you? This isn't a big deal for me, as I have gotten used to just shutting down. It's more the challenge of getting it to work. Thanks for any help/
  9. I just upgraded my bios to 2403b and have tried a variety of bios settings based on the info in this thread, but no luck with wake from sleep. My P5WDH just reboots rather than wake from sleep. I'm running Xeon 3060 (aka E6600) cpu and 10.5.1. I have efi 5.1v2 and both plain vanilla kernel 9.1 0 and ToH 9.1.0. same results. I am using AHCI, but have tried PATA Enhanced as well. More of my specs are in the signature Any words of wisdom?
  10. ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    I guess I could try it w/o AGPGart, but I suspect that will really slow this down since it will likely be seen as PCI. Basic question> Does anyone actually have this working with ATI9700 kexts?
  11. ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    I replaced all ATI9700*.
  12. ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    I tried using a559 kext for ATI 9700. I have an AGP 9600xt. No benefit seen. I am using AGPGart 1.0 and Callisto. It is seen as an AGP card and I get multiple rez no matter what versions of the kext I use. Hovever no QE/CI hardware acceleration. If I don't set the framebuffer to CallistoFB I don't get any mouse tracks. Otherwise I do, but none of the QE/CI advantages. Oh well, maybe I'll just live with it. Better yet, maybe I'll get a compatible video card.
  13. SquidCombo, I'm pretty sure that is normal behavior for digital output. If you output a digital stream from windows, it works that way too. I have Home Theater PC with Fiber optic out to Preamp/Processor and windows can't change the volume of the output. Sietpicos, WiFi is broken under Leo. There are several threads on this. The 8187 can't get an IP address, and so it self-assigns which means it drops the connection. Have to wait for RealTek to update drivers. BTW, are you running AppleHDA.kext with your WiFi enabled. If you are, do you have any problems with shutdown?
  14. SquidCombo Thanks for the info. I'm pretty sure there is some sort of conflict between the Realtek 8187 wifi drivers and AppleHDA that was causing my shutdown issues. Anyway I'll just disable wifi. As for iChat and Calculator, I have no issues running them. Both work fine for me. I updated my AppleHDa.kext and IONetworkingFamily.kext using shoarthing's referenced link. all works, but I see neither an improvement in performance or a detriment. I'll let them run, but I'm not sure what problem they were intended to fix. I had no issue with Time Machine before or after installing these new kexts. BTW, Apple claims your Time Machine storage drive has to be formatted using GUID and won't work reliablly otherwise. This may be part of the reason people are seeing issues.
  15. SquidCombo, I was able to "fix" my shutdown problem when using AppleHDA. seems the wi-fi card was preventing shutdown. I think this card is seen as USB. at any rate if I deactivate the wi-fi card in Network Pref Pane, and have AppleHDA load,I get shutdown with no problem now. wi-fi was not really used anyway since I'm on GigaE wired lan. Are you using wi-fi? do I need to keep digging to find the root cause?