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  1. MSoK, The spare machine's CPU is (I think) an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300. It ran Lion without a problem a few months ago. I can't test it at the moment, but is it possible that I would have any luck if I tweaked the "CPU/MMU Virtualization" setting under Options in the VM settings window? Cheers, Elliot.
  2. Hi MSoK, Alexiskai has it right -- I have not had any luck with my problem. Do the vmx and log files tell you anything? I tried the exact same configuration, with the same ESXi install, on a spare machine. It worked just fine on there. Does this narrow the problem down to my processors? The thing is, the processors in my ESXi host are Intel 5160s, which are also found in the original Mac Pro. Thanks! Elliot.
  3. MSoK, I have (finally figured this out) attached my .vmx and .log files in this post. Sorry about that! Cheers, Elliot vmware-2.log.txt Lion.vmx.txt
  4. MSoK, I am trying to install Lion and Mountain Lion on VMs in ESXi 5.0U1. My host is an IBM System x3550 with a pair of dual-core Xeons (5400 or something in that generation). I can use the vSphere wizard to set up a VM, but the BaseSystem.dmg installer (when booted in verbose mode via EFI shell) always hangs at "Kernel is LP64", right after "BSD root: disk-something". I have tried booting from an already-installed copy of Lion in a DMG, and that hangs at the same place. I have tried changing the NX capability on the host, and I have tried using the CPUID mask specified earlier in this thread. Nothing lets it start up any further. I have even tried using Chameleon as a bootloader with FakeSMC.kext on the installer. Thanks to you and Donk for your great work, and thanks in advance for any help that you can give me. Elliot.