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  1. itunes 7.2

    I had the same problem, but rebooting before installation fixed it.
  2. The Ultimate Web Browser

    BonEcho all the way! It's an intel optimized version of firefox. Speedy browser + firefox extensions = crazy awesome
  3. My Hackintosh AppleTV HTPC

    how about some pictures, munky?
  4. MacDrive 7 Officially Released

    Does it run on 64-bit xp or vista? Thanks, pk
  5. My vista codecs are screwed up!

    Or just use VLC player -- it has built-in support for most codecs. PK
  6. osx86 boot logo changing, i did it!

    Maybe you need a grey background to match the rest of the screen: Perfect0: Don't boot in verbose mode if you don't want to see text.
  7. osx86 boot logo changing, i did it!

    altered this from a pic i saw somewhere else on the forum,
  8. lm_sensors for OS X?

    It seems about 90% of the job for lm-sensors is kernel drivers, so it won't work on osx. I tried the coreduotemp program, and it read a temp of 58C for my CPU -- pretty scary, so I checked the temp in BIOS and it was really ~25C. Maybe I can just subtract ~23 from whatever coreduotemp says, assuming its just some sort of baseline error and not slope...
  9. Favourite Soft Drink/Food

    Have to recommend Diet Sunkist Orange -- tastes like the regular stuff, and has the same amount of caffeine as Dr. Pepper. Quaker Oatmeal is cheap, fast, and healthy.
  10. iTunes playing at 1.5x speed?

    I meant you need a newer version of the 8.8.1 kernel. But if that's not possible, try to change your FSB as is shown in the link I posted before. Good luck, PK
  11. iTunes playing at 1.5x speed?

    It's the kernel you'll want to try updating. See this Rammjet tutorial: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...updating+kernel Best, PK
  12. I like to listen to Pearl Jam's 'Do the Evolution' when I cross busy streets
  13. xtorrent/tomato

    Is it just me or is the search function not very useful on this forum? I get better results searching the site using google.
  14. Chicago Bears or Indianapolis Colts

    ya, now that barbaro died, the colts don't have a chance