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  1. osx86 boot logo changing, i did it!

    I have 10.4.8 installed. Is there a way to have a boot logo instead of all the commands being shown at boot?
  2. Full System Backup

    I've used Acronis True Image to backup my OS X and have been successful in reinstalling the OS on the same partition. Although I am planning to do a backup of all three OSs that I have: XP, Vista, and OS X. I intend to do this as I want a larger partition for my OS X. Has anyone done this before? And if so, will I the boot manager also be preserved in the backup? Hoping someone has had a similar experience.
  3. I am currently running XP, Vista, and OS X (10.4.8). I've been wanting to enlarge my OS X partition (I just installed Garageband) but have not been successful. I intend to reformat my hard disk. But I first will back up the three OSs using Acronis. I am not certain though how to do this. Any helpers? A question that I have is, among others, if I do back up the OSs then reinstall them on a reformatted partitioned hard disk, will the boot menu follow suit? And I have just been reading about OS X on an external hard disk, something worth considering. Thanks in advance to any one who replies.
  4. GarageBand

    Thanks for the response. I was hoping that there was a standalone download.
  5. GarageBand

    I have OSx86 10.4.8. I want to use GarageBand but apparently there isn't any in the Applications folder. Does anyone know how I can install GarageBand? The available downloads are all updates. Thanks in advance...
  6. I posted awhile back about the issue of audio not coming out from the subwoofer of my Inspiron. I do have audio but it comes out only from the speakers and not the subwoofer. Does anyone with an Inspiron have the same issue? I am on a 10.4.8 version of OSx86. Thanks in advance to those who will join this discussion.
  7. is there a version for sse2 already?
  8. one more kernel based on my sources

    To which processors can this kernel be applied? I have a Dothan on my laptop.
  9. Moving files

    I wish to move files to other volumes on my partition and/or to my partitions on my USB external drive but I get a message that I cannot move the certain file or folder since the destination to which I want to move the file/folder cannot be modified. True enough, when I look at the Get Info of the volume to where I want to move the file/folder, it is only read-only. Is it possible for me to move files/folders? If so, how? Thanks in advance...
  10. Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    Sorry that I haven't updated my post here, I no longer have mouse tearing. I followed a post on installing something for the pointer that does not tear.
  11. JaS, just a question that I think is not even related to this post: on my Inspiron 9200 I cannot get the subwoofer underneath the laptop to work hence the sound is very weak. Are you aware of any tweak to the AC97 kernel that resolves this? Thanks in advance... Kiko, I just noticed from your signature that you have a triple boot of XP, Vista, and OS X. I now have XP and OS X and am about to install Vista (5840 pre-RTM). After reading some posts here, Grub is the bootloader of choice. What is yours? Also, are there any tips that I should be aware of, since I am installing Vista now that I have OS X? My partitions will be as follows: XP, Vista, OS X. Thanks in advance.
  12. Again FSB autodetection

    i suppose this isn't for a computer with just SSE2?
  13. 4 New 10.4.8 Combo Updates

    JaS, I am on the same update at the moment (JaS.10.4.8.SSE2.Intel.Only.Combo.Update.pkg.zip) that has September 21 as its Date Modified. Is this the same? If not, what are the differences? Thanks in advance...
  14. 10.4.7 USB 2.0 **FIXED**

    Unstable Connection, thanks for your kext. Like Condone This, I have a 10.4.8 version and updated to the 10.4.8 version for the USB package but in the process rendered my USB and bluetooth not working at all. With your kext I was able to get both back PLUS USB 2.0 speed...THANKS! But I still cannot get my webcam to work, still have the same ol' "USB Communication Problem."