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  1. First of all thank you for this comprehensive guide, it helped me a lot understanding my problem. However somehow it doesent work for me. Problem: Using a Mac Mini as a mediacenter beneath a Philips TV able to show 1080p, however after 3-4hours of none use, the screen goes black and says videoformat not supported, reason being the EDID not transmitting so the Mini choses the standard option which is 1680x1050 and the Philips TV does not support that. If I use SwitchResX the TV is showing up as Unknown Monitor instead of Philips FTV when its working. I've followed your guide step by step, but I may have missed something. First of all, I get stuck at point 7. Upon doing the ioreg -l I cannot locate anything with the names DisplayProductID, DisplayVendorID, or IODisplayPrefsKey, not sure why. Instead I tried solution C with SwitchResX I had no problem locating the file in /System/Library/Displays/Overrides/DisplayVendorID-756e6b6e/ Its not showing the VendorID 100% correct (SRX says its 7274, however the file is named DisplayProductID 76697274) but its the only file thats been edited within the last 3 months so if its one these files its gotta be it? I've renamed the file to .Plist and added my EDID, then removed the extension and overwrited the original file. But after a reboot nothing happends, the changed file is still the same, but the Mini is still only showing 8:5 standard displays rather than 16:9 displays when the EDID is being correctly transmitted. Do you have any ideas what Im doing wrong? System info OSX 10.6.3 Intel Nvidia GeForce 9400