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  1. Thanks! After testing with your script I can see all my compatible hardware with smilies or checks, I do also see some frown faces. But the kexts tab is not enabled, how do I see what kexts I should use?
  2. Download Link for the Linux version?
  3. Are there any efforts to port this to Linux? Would like to be involved in that effort if exsists
  4. Sorry to re-open an older thread but I wanted to know if any progress was made on this? A windows/Linux version would be best. I would like to contribute to any efforts (if needed)
  5. You have any luck on choosing? ATI vs nVidia?
  6. Any chance you could share your DSDT for the R1600? Running NetbookInstaller w/ SL 10.6.3 but all I get is Unsupported Device.
  7. ppafford

    FS Acer Revo R1600 10.6.2 and Win 7 Dual Boot

    Trying to install OSX on the Acer R1600, could you share your DSDT and Kexts?