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  1. Hey there! Just want to say: Thanks ... This release works like a charm (out-of-the-box) on my hardware. Here are the specs ... - CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850, 2x 3.00GHz - MB: GA X38-DQ6 (install options: default settings + AHCI, OHR) - GFX: XFX GT7600 (install options: Enabler -> Natit (EFI-strings doesn't work!)) - KB / MOUSE: Cherry wireless desktop MARLIN I repeat: Everything works out-of-the-box (except standby / sleep, which I don't use)! BUT ... I'm from germany, so I selected the german language-pack. This gave me some bugs: The finder-prefs doesn't worked (the usual "object.xib"-problem; installation from 10.5.6-retail solved that) and the keyboard- / mouse-prefpane seemed to be very buggy (opened just with two clicks, special-key-mappings doesn't showed up, there were two mouse-panes (general and mighty mouse), hotkey-mappings were empty (even if I resetted it to default), ... ) AND there were many untranslated strings in the whole OS X! Everything is fine now, after I've installed iATKOS only with the default language-pack and later installed the german language-pack from my 10.5.6-retail disk (I think there are still some untranslated strings now, but I didn't spotted any yet ). So, please: If you give us language-packs in your releases, please take care of an accurate update-path (from base retail-disk to your release) in every language! Otherwise there would be many unpredictable errors! But, again: Thanks for everything you have done for the community; your releases are one of the best!
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    iATKOS v2.0i

    Hey, you ... try this: Vladstudio - Underwater2 btw. in my opinion one of the best gfx-sites. - I ordered a lifetime-membership a few weeks ago. (but you can download everthing for free, also) This guy kicks ass ... So long ... _nem_