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  1. OSX on Netbooks (eee, mini note, acer one, etc.)

    Hello everybody ! I'm new to this community and I want to tell you about my experience with an Acer Extensa 5230 (Celeron 575 @ 2ghz 1MB cache L2 FSB-667 mhz , 2 GB ddr2 , Intel GMA4500MHD , 250 GB SATA (II = ? ) storage space @5400 rpm). I tried Snow OSX 3.6 distro. CPU shows 3 ghz instead of 2 ghz but it should not be very important. Webcam - works out of the box Audio - ALC888S fixed through VoodooHDA 0.2.61 (I hope i wrote the correct version) - I baked up AppleHDA and removed it from /System/Library/Extensions Video - X3100 kexts gives me my native resolution 1280x800x32bit. No acceleration for games and videos. DVD player doesn't start (shows error regarding probably the video device). VLC doesn't display video, it may play audio. I couldn't get any game (designed for Mac - example Age Of Empires III) to run, either from the lack of video acceleration or from lack of video memory (system profiler reports 144 MB video memory on video board). I could run a CXZ port of Counter Strike, very slow, otherwise it ran well. PS2 devices didn't work. My notebook keyboard didn't work, so the trackpad. I tried VoodooPS2controller.kext and such things, they didn't work. USB mouse and keyboard work. Wireless network works To connect to Internet I must handle PPPoE. Ethernet gets an ip through DHCP, it gives me a message telling me that the device has a self-assigned IP and will not connect. I create the PPPoE service, enter username and password, I get IP but Safari tells me that I am not connected. I, personally, think the LAN chipset + Wireless adapter both work. The distro I used is based on Snow Leopard 10.6.2 I hope I didn't break any rule while posting this and if I did please edit/erase my message.
  2. Solution ALC888/ALC888S/ALC1200

    I confirm this to be working on my Acer Extensa 5230 laptop. ALC888S sound. Thank you very much and keep up the good work !