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  1. GMA X4500

    i'm totally fed up with all this. so this is impossible, i recommend you all, guys, if you have laptop use linux - it has superior X4500 both 2D abd 3D performance and HD video playback, but if you prefer OS 10 more - then use native resolution hacks. if you are on desktop with this crappy X4500 - then collect some money and buy descent Nvidia or ati card for games, or cheapy nvidia or ati card for other things if you are not planning to play huge modern games (ex. movie, photo , editing and full OS X experience)!! also don't forget - IF YOU LIKE MAC, BUY IT! this is my advice, HAND or night, cheers, X-user
  2. GMA X4500

    Patching X3100FB kext gave me this: I have two displays: "built-in" (with 800x600 res.) and my real display (connected to VGA)! I will be grateful if you help me to remove it. My only display is Philips 170S, but desktop is extended on it ((( If I change resolution, it switches into unsupported video mode and i can do nothing! Help needed, PLEEEEASEE!!!!
  3. GMA X4500

    HD kexts wont work on X4500. it is not processor-integrated and it is more like X3100 (features). also we cant give more than it can, so lower is preferrable. X3100 is our hope
  4. GMA X4500

    Well, i don't know but it should also work… Try it and say us results! NOTE:> We also have to change built-in value to Yes (0x01), compatible to pci1849,2A02 and subsystem-id to ".*" (022A) Hope it works And please someone tell me the revision and all other parameters of your working CI/QE GMA X3100 from Registry info (GFX0). This informationn is very useful!
  5. GMA X4500

    huh, i've gone through forums and found this interesting thread : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=168014 Man here says that we can trick device-ids via DSDT without patching kexts. This maybe interesting! Hope you see and test it. Since we hexedit kexts we do blind edition, cause we don't actually know what is it for, its hardcoded, so this method could help a lot UPDATE: Successfully changed device id from 2e32 to 2a02 using this DSDT method ))) hope it works for you too!!! both X3100 kexts load successfully
  6. is it possible to patch it for work with X4500? i've tryed replacing device id in hex edition and plist, but all i achieved is only system profiler reports i have GMA 900. could you guys help us with the development for X4500? you know there're so many users having troubles with it…So we need ytour help
  7. GMA X4500

    hmm…no. i'll try hex edition of course. also framebuffer is slow if i set custom res. in boot plist dsdt compiles with warnings and i cannot inject efi strings via boot plist nor via dsdt I need help people, may be one more experimentator to play with GMA950 kexts!! UPDATE: Bingo! I set the ball rolling ;] What i've done is Hex-edited AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext and AppleIntelGMA950.kext. replaced 86808225 by 8680322E. both kexts loaded OK in 32 bit mode, no native resolution, no accelerations, BUT i got this: which means system profiler says i have GMA 900 chip!!! and "No kext loaded" in the end ((( I also don't see AppleIIFB and GMA950 kexts in SystemProfiler anymore. what happened? it looks like it injects card info but unloads kexts
  8. GMA X4500

    I have success loading both ApleIntegratedFB and GMA950 kexts without errors no acceleration yet, now i will try patching dsdt notice, both kexts are loaded! I didnt hex edition! EDIT: efi string did nothing
  9. GMA X4500

    Trying to hack GMA950 kexts. i think its simpler to implement cause its PCI and compatible with all other chips (its i915 if it means anything for you), kexts load normal without blue screens… P.S.: I did not have any success with X3100 kexts in 32-bit mode with or without DSDT patch. (always blue screens and hangs, very slow framebuffer in console - its like symbol by symbol typing)
  10. GMA X4500

    Well, what we need is to set device id of GFX0 device in our DSDT to one of the GMA950 or X3100. I don't know how to do that and would be grateful if someone helps )) all i need is to know the name of "device id" string and "where" the device id is stored! for example we have : we have to add something like this:
  11. GMA X4500

    Well, it may be interesting for yours my dear frends!!! I am on my way to a new method of getting it working. Try now with DSDTSE. Click Extract DSDT. Choose DSDT Hacks -> Method DTGP, Copy method to your decompiled DSDT, then select Hacks -> Intel GMA950 Desktop Hack (rename GMA950 to X3100)or X3100 Laptop Hack (if you have a laptop). copy method to your DSDT. do everything according to instructions given in hacks!!! patch kxts with your dev-id's. have fun! if you have enough magic and fortuna then you get all thesse accelerations (CI/QE/GL)! i'll probe it myself and give you results later...
  12. GMA X4500

    Will it be okay if i put these kexts into /Extra/Extensions without deleting ones in /S/L/E ? The reason is i installed retail 10.6.3 and want vanilla system))) also, should i touch bundles?
  13. GMA X4500

    Can we try EFI strings? Please say me what does NVDA,NVCAP,AAPL mean? I need some base knowledge on creating EFI-strings. Someone help me please! It would be wonderful if we could cheat a bit by reporting system fake device id. for example we have 0x2e32(GMA X4500) but report it as 0x2582 (GMA 950) or 0x2a02 (X3100), then we don't need any kext modify))))
  14. GMA X4500