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  1. Hi, did you saw that posting is more than 2 years old? Many things changed how OSX handle USB these days. It was a nice try. However a Bios flash destroyed this notebook just a few days after. I sold it for spare parts. Dont try a Bios flash with it ^^ I own real Mac's now, they are way more compatible than a hackintosh will ever be. But in my opinion due the fact that Apple deprecated OpenGL,OpenCL in Mojave many application developers will leave osx. Programming for 3 different APIs (OpenGL[Vulkan], Metal, DirectX) is to much for most. The future isn't so bright for OSX anymore. So, if it doesn't work, dont worry so much, Linux and Windows are fine too
  2. Traace

    VoodooHDA 2.9.2

    Same for me, SFF Core2Quad System with a Nvidia GT 1030 LP
  3. Just dont get a RX 480, I never managed to run quad display configuration with it, two of them always stay undetected (blackscreen) , even with WhatEverGreen. It seems older cards like 7970 can handle it well.
  4. Hi Community, I'd like to publish my test results. The Hardware configuration is listed in my signature. Booted with Clover UEFI. Kernel dated around 17th August by Bronya boots fast, some issues with ACPI listed in verbose, idk why just worth to mention. Applications that use Wine doesn't work, they usually crash at "sigkill missing instruction" Kernel dated 25th August by Bronya boots even faster, verbose is very clear there are no kernel related errors. Every tested Application runs perfect, no single crash. It's stable for daily use on a Ryzen. Great Job Bronya , Thanks
  5. Traace

    HELP TOPIC - [AMD] OS X El Capitan (10.11)

    Hi, AMD Community, Is that a normal behavior for all AMD Kernels? 19/06/16 10:13:08,000 kernel[0] proc 667: load code signature error 4 for file "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" 19/06/16 10:13:08,267 amfid[584] /Applications/Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.app/Contents/MacOS/Malwarebytes Anti-Malware signature not valid: 0xfffefa26 19/06/16 10:13:08,846 SecurityAgent[668] activateIgnoringOtherApps:1 19/06/16 10:13:08,848 SecurityAgent[668] makeKeyAndOrderFront 19/06/16 10:13:08,885 SecurityAgent[668] com.apple.SecurityAgent.consoleLogin.UIShown 19/06/16 10:13:12,395 smd[166] App "com.malwarebytes.antimalware" did not pass helper check "com.malwarebytes.HelperTool". The Application really doesn't matter, it happen on everyone
  6. Hi guys, can someone please help me with my issue. I always running into a helper tool loop on every application. It just ask for my password, after i typed it in the message pops up again, or it says that it could not write these informations This happen on a clean and new installation.. What i tried so far: - Changing the Kernels - SIP disabled - reinstalled the whole OS Edit: Here is a more detailed log whats happen: 17/06/16 12:01:19,000 kernel[0] proc 848: load code signature error 4 for file "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" 17/06/16 12:01:19,633 amfid[563] /Applications/Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.app/Contents/MacOS/Malwarebytes Anti-Malware signature not valid: 0xfffefa26 17/06/16 12:01:21,444 SecurityAgent[849] activateIgnoringOtherApps:1 17/06/16 12:01:21,455 SecurityAgent[849] makeKeyAndOrderFront 17/06/16 12:01:21,571 SecurityAgent[849] com.apple.SecurityAgent.consoleLogin.UIShown 17/06/16 12:01:29,215 smd[566] App "com.malwarebytes.antimalware" did not pass helper check "com.malwarebytes.HelperTool".
  7. Traace

    HELP TOPIC - [AMD] OS X El Capitan (10.11)

    Someone has an idea why I always run into a helper tool loop on any application that use such stuff?
  8. Traace

    BCM94352HMB Bluetooth & Wifi: Speed Problems

    Both, the Wifi and the Bluetooth signals interfere with each other due their frequencies. There are Router/AP's out there mostly with a dd-wrt based firmware which has a special "bluetooth compatibility mode" for such dual chipped cards with one antenna. Are u sure that these issues are not happen on Windows/Linux too? Your card is connected via mPCIe, therefore this has nothing todo with USB...
  9. Traace

    Shaneee's AMD USB Fix

    Don't get confused to much, the green dot is just a mark, u can mark any items u want in different colors. That has nothing todo with "wrong" permissions
  10. Traace

    USB-Fix for El Capitan

    Hi, 10.11 is always really painful for me. I'm currently stuck on the installation already. i tried to get this USB Fix working on my system for more than 4 hours now, i really need a brake.... it solves the EHCI log spamming and the system boot successful, but it kills my whole input(excluding ps2 keyboard, which shall work with ps2 drivers ) I followed the thread and already see users with my mainboard, but they just don't write anymore here, so i guess they solved it already... My config: USB: Logitech Mouse USB: Dedicated USB Numpad PS2: Logitech Keyboard Things i tried so far: - Using u'r v3 fix - Using the AHCIPortInjector.kext in E/E and S/L/E - Using Shanee's fix (Basically the same) - Booting with USBBuxFix=Yes/No same for USBLegacyOff=Yes/No - Using old known working kexts from yosemite. - Using different mouses, keyboards... My Bootargs are "-v UseKernelCache=No dart=0 npci=0x3000" and my Mainboard is a ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0. Anything we can do here? Thanks Edit: Works now, no future investigations needed, i just used a ps2 keyboard only with a proper voodoops2 installation
  11. Traace

    nVIDIA Pascal: Hackintosh Edition

    That card isnt that fast as it looks like, asynchronous computing is still a no go with these cards. Don't get fooled
  12. Traace

    [Issue]GPU restarts osx

    Everything working now except shutdowns but i will look into it . Upgraded to 10.11.5 already without issues.
  13. Hi guys, after fixed my USB issues that came with 10.11 via a proper reinstall. I now run into my next issue and it drives me crazy the whole day already. My Nvidia GT 540M in my NON optimus Asus K52JV notebook is not working since the reinstall anymore. My System is only able to boot via nv_disable=1. Else NVDAGF100Hal is getting loaded successful and without any errors, but the notebook always restarts after a short blackscreen. On my old installation i found a modified version of NVDAGF100Hal here on insanelymac that worked just great. With Full acceleration, 2GB VRAM detection and working GL. Then i lost i due my reinstallation. Now i'm unable to find these kext anymore, I was looking for more than 4 hours for this. Sidenote: On 10.9 my GPU was detected without any issues OOB. What i already tried so far: - Checking my whole browser histroy to find that proper NVDAGF100Hal edit for my GT 540M on 10.11 - Forced the Device ID's on stock 10.11.4 NVDAGF100Hal and also with and without AppleGraphicsPowerManagement - Tried some rollbacks from 10.7-10.8.5 - Tried some modified Versions that float around online. - SMBIOS with a suitable Mac Model - Using Nvidia Webdrivers Please give me some help here guys Or a point to that Thread.. I can remember that the modified working kext was even marked as "Best Answer"
  14. ty for the replay. Yes, they both use the same