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  1. Hi there I know this an old Thread but I am trying this and cant make it work properly. I have been using my hackintosh booting with chameleon either my win7 or snow leopard partition. I installed parallels 6 on osx and before i knew it it was already running my windows 7 on a window. it gave me a few errors having to do with the MOBOs OCing tools but after closing them it was all good. I installed parallels tools and rebooted with no problem except those mentioned errors. then i was able to use my windows to encode some video while using my mac on other things SWEET!!! BUT... later i tried to boot my windows via chameleon and got blue screen. I rebooted it and finally worked after an hour of 'windows is trying to solve the problem' windows then was fine. I decided I would give it another try with parallels from my osx an now i am unable to boot it says there was a fatal error. what to do? thanks in advance
  2. Ciao Fabio! Thank you for your reply, I tested manytimes and my sleep does not seem to work all the time it goes to sleep but not wake up about 20% of the time. During those tests I managed to access my FireWire drive after sleep but only about 30% of the times it actually awakes which means I have to send SL to sleep at least 3 times before I can see FireWire and crossing fingers for it to actually wake up haha! but this is better than nothing. I hope there is a solution to this though. also i noticed that if i plug my firewire drive before booting it takes ages to boot and then i am left with the desktop but no mouse or keyboard working (and no firewire drive either) they start working as soon as i unplug the firewire cable. WEIRD? I booted with Live Gnome to get the dump for my CPU and found that Gnome hangs also if firewire plugged before booting. I wonder what does this mean I have Windows 7 also in my machine and firewire is hot-pluggable as well as it sees it if plugged before boot however booting times are longer with firewire plugged. (P6TD Deluxe issue???) well anyway here is the dump man and thanks for your help I owe you and dgobe big time 975_P6TDDeluxe_501.zip
  3. HI, me again, I feel i am being annoying but also i have been ignored a few times. am I doing anything wrong when posting my problem here? All i can think of is that the answer is already out there but trust me, I can't find it. in other threads and forums i found some ill advice that either didn't do anything or ended in disaster. in this thread i find that: On Mar, 6 2010, DSDT v3.1.4 solved Firewire error log The firewire works after a sleep function but i am using the DSDT from latest Installation as of May, 15 2010. I istalled the i7 975 as this is my CPU. so is there any difference between these 2 DSDTs? If somehow i delete the sleep function will i get firewire support? in fact i tried the sleep and it only works sometimes like 6 out of 10. but as i said i am not bothered without sleep. Or do i install the march 2010 on top of the otherone? can there be two DSDT at work at the same time? Or did i just get all of this wrong? as i said i cant make head or tail of the info here. sorry for being so stupid BUT i NEED FIREWIRE TO WORK but please HELP!
  4. Apparently what appears in system profiler is just aesthetic and does not affect the ability of your hardware. see this for a fix: http://prasys.co.cc/2009/09/guidecreating-...n-smbios-plist/ Hi there FINALLY!!!!! success installing SL. it was hard and painful for me but I finally managed and have everything working except firewire There are some posts in this thread that link that problem to the sleep fix but i hand make head or tail of that information. also i have tried different things i found in other threads: remove appleHPETkext : results in KP disater enable -x32 flag : does nothing for me sudo kext load -t /System/Library/Extensions/IOFireWireAVC.kext that last one gives me this: Warnings: Personality CFBundleIdentifier differs from containing kext's (not necessarily a mistake, but rarely done): IOFireWireAVCProtocol The booter does not recognize symbolic links; confirm these files/directories aren't needed for startup: /System/Library/Extensions/IOFireWireAVC.kext/Contents/CodeDirectory /System/Library/Extensions/IOFireWireAVC.kext/Contents/CodeRequirements /System/Library/Extensions/IOFireWireAVC.kext/Contents/CodeResources /System/Library/Extensions/IOFireWireAVC.kext/Contents/CodeSignature and i do dmesg and comes this: DSystem: postEvent LLEventQueue overflow. THIS LINE IS REPEATED 84 TIMES: IOHIDSystem: postEvent LLEventQueue overflow. virtual bool IOHIDEventSystemUserClient::initWithTask(task*, void*, UInt32): Client task not privileged to open IOHIDSystem for mapping memory disk3: ioctl(_IOWR,'d',101,24) is unsupported. So any Ideas anthing you could advice me to try? I am not bothered by the sleep isue i had and imac for 5 years and never needed it but without FireWire i cant do. PLEASE!!!
  5. Well, I probably could not help you as I'm a newbee in trouble too but anyone who would want to help you would need more information about the problem or at least your system specs
  6. Hi There, its me again my installation never actually worked properly and I think it was mainly because of my graphics card which was an ATi 5750. well I have decided to change it and I am here to do the noobie thing and ask all of you what do you think is best to get instead. I been looking around and kinda got a list of possibilities but better hear first hand from someone using same mobo and installation guide. Dgobe an some others here use GTX260 and sounds good but some say in other threads about it showing less memory on about this mac and other minor problems that might in fact be big ones for some uses. Mainly I want my system to use FCP and Adobe AE and a bit of Maya and possibly Shake in the future. but have no big budget to get something iFabio would like(Quadro FX 5600 holly macaroni!!!!) so what ya guys say? thx in advance
  7. nope no change there i suppose i have IDE HDD anyways.
  8. Hi there, Thank you guys for this guide. great work!!! I have been reading this thread for weeks now and have tried it for the last few days and finally got somewhere (probably no better than before starting) after much trouble. I will describe the process in case it helps someone as well as it might describe my situation so someone can help me I have recently built this rig using some old hardware that I had plus some components that I got incredibly cheap from an 'upgrading freak' friend of mine and from ebay and here is the history of my adventure so far: * I installed all components to the MOBO except for the WD hard drive since I had 3 IDE devises and P6TD Deluxe only has 1 IDE connection. * Using the weird enough set up of a dvd rom and hdd in the same IDE cable I installed Windows 7. * switching the seagate for the WD i tried following this guide but got stuck with an isolinux: image checksum error, sorry (loved the sorry bit) * tried dgobe suggestion and updated the DVD ROM firmware to no avail. * tried modifying the image names to lower-case as suggested in other threads and did not work either. * while searching for a cheap SATA CD-ROM I received my IDE to SATA, SATA to IDE adapter (needed anyway if i wanted to have the 3 devises with my mobo) and plugging the DVD-ROM to this (don't forget the power supply) made the boot-132 CD finally mount so far so good *I then installed SL but had to use the GraphicsEnabler=n arch=i386 kernel flag (every time it reboots) *when i got to the set up process and the register screen I messed up and i am not sure if i hit Windows Key-Q at the right time but pretty sure i skipped registration *after installing P6TDeluxeV2Installer.pkg and updating the network adapters (had to go to system preferences) SL did not boot from the hard drive. *I went to try the solution to boot problem included in this guide but i got "resource busy" error *so i tried installing Chameleon manually as suggested by PiSToL: but i got an error: MBR no such disk, MBR no such folder. or something. I fixed it by dragging the i386 folder to the terminal after typing CD . but got same 'no suck disk' error with boot1h. here i went a bit crazy (late night + frustration + too much weed) and run the sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 command but changing the boot1h for boot1, boot2 and boot3 which i could see in the AsusP6TDeluxeV2_boot_132_v1.14 folder. I know i probably up here but i just carried on I doubt i succeed in installing Chameleon manually *however, I solved the "resource busy" error by typing the sudo fdisk -e /dev/diskX command with /disk1 instead of disk1s2 (as i had understood originally) so you can imagine the joy i felt at this point. *finished the solution to boot problem process and rebooted. *NOTHING - i got the black screen with the blinking cursor at the top *Here I thought i might just rest for a bit and check the wondows 7 features but guess what? NOTHING same black screen and cursor from the HDD that was originally booting no problem so my situation now is I have a hard drive with win7 and one with SL but i can only boot these OS via the boot-132 cd. SL needs GraphicsEnabler=n arch=i386. cant find solutions for my problem here and I am exhausted. so can you help? oh maybe the AHCI driver for windows would fix that bit. i'll try that imacken thx