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  1. Valv, Can this be done with the retail DVD?
  2. Does this work for my Laptop keyboard, I have tried most solutions suggest here and although I can get a USB drive to boot, I can not get my laptop's keyboard to be recognized.
  3. dlpass2

    No BootLoader

    Is there any way of doing this from the Windows 7 bootloader? I dont know how to recover it, and chameloen just gives me the no bootloader message
  4. dlpass2

    Snow Leopard on HP HDX18t

    Did you have any issues with your USB dying on you every 20-30 minutes if not in use? Since I also have Windows 7 on this box and USB is fine under Windows 7, it appears like I might have missed something that makes my USB go to sleep.
  5. dlpass2

    Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    I get the same error no matter which option I try, any suggestions what I might be doing wrong?