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  1. Hi, Status Report: I installed NVenabler.kext earlier today, and so far so good. I didn't change anything else (first few boots I booted with GraphicsEnabler=No but then I forgot and it still seems to work fine). Have booted around 5 times with no problems. AboutThisMac reports "Unknown nVidia card 256 MB". QI/CE seems to work and Geekbench trial mode gives a score of around 3500. VGA out seems to be working partially; no detection of displays plugged in when the computer is running but correctly detects displays plugged in at boot time. I will spend some time tinkering with this. Oh and to clarify, I just have the one disk with the one GUID partition with Lion. no Windows/Linux/multiboot setup.
  2. Yes it is A14 BIOS You may be onto something with the graphics card though, I bought this laptop 2nd hand and thought it was a 9400m. When the GraphicsEnabler works, About This Mac identifies it as a "GeForce 9400M G 256 MB" But if i put my service tag (BQ6SWK1) into Dell website, it says my original configuration was/is "NVIDIA® GeForce® 210M - 512MB" I have to scoot to work now so can't really look into it until tonight, but seems like this is some form of Hybrid SLI model. From what i can see here, '9500m hybrid SLI' consists of a 9400m & 9200m GS, but if mine is a 9400m & 210m maybe the original purchaser upgraded the graphics. On another note, I tried applying LatinMcG's patch to my DSDT and removing the PCIRootUID string&key from org.chameleon.Boot.plist, no change. still boots only sometimes.
  3. I seem to have tracked down what was causing my [PCI config hang], my extracted DSDT was different from the original DSDT this guide is based on. I have attached the relevant files for others with the same problem to try, but I imagine that your DSDT may be different again so here is the process I followed: I extracted my DSDT using DSDTESE and ran it through filemerge (nice diff program, installed when you install Xcode) with the orig.dsl from dsdt.a14.lion.v3.zip. filemerge showed 9 differences, 4 being insignificant differences in comments at the top and 5 being significant differences like: metamorphoise1340orig.dsl OperationRegion (ASLD, SystemMemory, 0x8FECF5CA, 0x00000100) orig.dsl OperationRegion (ASLD, SystemMemory, 0xAFECF5CA, 0x00000100) and metamorphoise1340orig.dsl OperationRegion (ROM1, SystemMemory, 0x8FECF6CA, 0x00010000) orig.dsl OperationRegion (ROM1, SystemMemory, 0xAFECF6CA, 0x00010000) I then renamed my extracted dsl to orig.dsl and copied it to the dsdt.a14.lion.zip directory, overwriting the existing file. Then ran the cmd file to patch my dsl, and we have a new fixed.dsl Drop that fixed.dsl into iaslMe (http://www.insanelym...howtopic=189272), move the resulting aml to /Extra/DSDT.aml, and boot! (i also did chmod 775&&chown root:wheel on it but don't think that is necessary) Now my system seems to be almost fully functional, but there are still some issues with the graphics that I will look into now but the symptoms are below and any help would be greatly appreciated: Often the system will boot seemingly normally but nothing is displayed when it gets to login (screen backlight is on but screen is black, disk and keyboard lights functioning) and I have to reboot one or more times till it decides to work, or boot with GraphicsEnabler=No metamorphoiseDSDT.zip
  4. I had a go with your debug DSDTs and like bfbruin, even DSDT=orig.aml gives me a hang on [PCI config begin] i tried to boot to safe mode with -x DSDT=orig.aml npci=0x2000 and it hung at a message slightly before [PCI config begin], something like "PFC64 0x5100000000" or similar. I would like to try the 10.6.8 IOPCIFamily.kext workaround but I have no 10.6 installation to get the file and have not been able to find a downloadable 10.6.8 kext Here is some information that may or may not be pertinent: -I'm using A14 BIOS -I'm using Chameleon SVN 1650 as the 1649 link seems to be down -I needed to remove the SMmemtype from smbios.plist as my system seemed to have trouble booting with that, I think I changed the ram in my 1340 at some stage, still 4Gb. -I am installing off a clean lion install done with Tonymac's [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] tool, could this be causing problems? -Maybe 50% of the time, it seems to boot fine but no graphics are displayed (monitor turns off) and i have to boot with GraphicsEnalber=No -The kexts in /E/E are 9400m_gstate_inject, AppleACPIPS2Nub, fakesmc, VoodooBattery & VoodooPS2Controller PS, the links to the OpenHaltRestart and your HCI bluetooth pkg seem to be broken, also some links in the older 10.6 guide. they send me to the main insanelymac page. seems like something changed with this board's handling of links? Thanks, Tom
  5. Hi All, first up i'd like to thank you so much bcc9 for all your excellent work and guides for this laptop Following this guide I experienced hangs at "PCI configuration begin" as some others have, related to the DSDT. I'm using BIOS A14. Without the DSDT I was able to get a useable system with the 9400m correctly detected but found that VGAout does not work (system hangs when 2nd monitor plugged in) I need to use VGAout for performances this weekend so have temporarily gone back to windows, but next week I'll have time to really investigate this, I will be happy to apply patches one by one to the vanilla DSDT to try and track down the problem. My burning question is, does VGAout work reliably for people who have followed this guide? Need it to be rock solid and able to plug different monitors in with no crashes.. Many thanks, Tom.
  6. Hi guys, I have the opportunity to pick one of these computers up cheap - just wanted to confirm one thing before I decide.. In Lion and with the Intel3000, does the external display (HDMI?) work flawlessly with projectors (800x600 resolution and higher), with no artifacting/lines? For me this is more important than audio because I would be using the machine for live video performance. Thanks, Tom.