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  1. Power Button & WOL Wakes in Lion (10.7)

    Just to say thanks for the tip - got my WOL back up and running on 10.7.2! Thanks.
  2. All good with my test box too - fresh 10.7.2 install, patched - cmos problem gone!
  3. Has anyone started the Lion adventure on the ES2L? Just trying to work out if I need to on any of my machines? Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L

    HI, Has anyone done a 10.6.8 update on the ES2L as yet? How did is go? Any trouble? Thank you!
  5. HI, Has anyone done a 10.6.8 update on the ES2L as yet? How did is go? Any trouble? Thank you!
  7. Just an update, it did not help, at least with "RealtekR1000SL.kext" installed it sees the cable being plugged in and removed. No. problem, it was just a test - can't get the non "T" boards locally - thinking of giving the G41MT-ES2L a go, it has the RTL8111E. Thanks again for the help . If anyone has used the "T" boards - please let me know.
  8. Thanks will give it a go this evening - I did not realise the chips would be that different (RTL8110SC, RTL8111C/D(L), RTL8111) Thanks again to you and iRobie, will let you know how I go. P.S. I did read on "iRobie's" thread (Oct 09) that someone had had a similar problem but there was no reply addressing it that I could see - may be it was a version problem too?
  9. Hi "ridgline", Gave the new installer (and your suggested steps) a go on one of the "T" series boards, I had one just used to upgrade an old PC at work - GA-G41MT-ES2H - has DDR3 RAM and DVI output from the on board graphics. Just wanted to see how it would go, looking at using the G41MT-ES2L in a machine for home. Just using the on-board video - all worked a treat - except the network card in not working (says it is - ie the card seems to be saying it is there) but no network - any ideas? Setup is: G41MT-ES2H, E5400 (2.7 Dual Core), 2G DDR3 Ram (OCZ), 320G SATA & IDE DVD-ROM Install via "Empire", 10.6.3 Update and then your installer (Generic DSDT). Many thanks for your work - Any ideas would be appreciated.