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  1. Resolvido com isto http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/289871-bluetooth-stuck-in-on-state-and-not-working/?p=1965886
  2. Good news, this works in El Capitan, for CSR bluetooth dongles: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/289871-bluetooth-stuck-in-on-state-and-not-working/?p=1965886 Only problem is that i can´t turn off bt...otherwise, magic mouse works perfectly
  3. Hello, just want to say Edwin_3930K bluetooth fix made my bluetooth dongle work again with magic mouse in El Capitan Only problem is that i can´t turn off bt
  4. antonioj

    CSRAppleBluetooth.kext - USB CSR Injection Driver

    Should is help to make a bt USB dongle work on El Capitan? I have one (CSR based) that was working fine in Yosemite and does not work properly in El Capitan...
  5. Instalei o IOBluetoothFamily.kext do Yosemite, e assim já consegui conectar o Magic Mouse, contudo depois faz reboot
  6. I tried installing IOBluetoothFamily.kext from Yosemite, and it makes bt work, sort off...it connects to magic mouse, but soon after causes a kp
  7. Olá, fiz upgrade do Yosemite para El Capitan e o meu adaptador usb bluetooth deixou de funcionar...se introduzir e retirar numa das portas ainda aparece o símbolo bt, mas na realidade não funciona....como poderei resolver o problema? Tenho um hp probook 4340s, e instalei com PBI Clover
  8. Hello, i have an HP Probook 4340s, and i upgraded to El Capitan without any problems, everything works, all four USB ports are ok, for storage devices, etc. However my usb adapter stopped worked...sometimes it seems to be enabled if i insert and remove the adapter several times, but it really does not do anything, however, in system report i can see the bt device enabled Any solutions?
  9. Boas pessoal, Só para informar que consegui colocar o iMessage a funcionar no meu HP Probook 4340s usando o MLB generator que pode ser encontrado neste fórum e colocando o meu Ethernet adress como ROM. Depois foi só ligar para a Apple e ficou a funcionar (primeira vez desde novembro)
  10. antonioj

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Guys, just want to report that i finally was able to activate iMessage by using the MLB generator mentioned before, and my ethernet adress! I followed the recommended steps, called apple, and it worked! First time since november! Also, i´m using a generated serial number (its not of any real mac)...this is so awesome...thanks to the community!!!
  11. antonioj

    Imessage and facetime fix

    So what is the suggested procedure? I called Apple support and the problem is not solved, unlike the last time in November when i upgraded to Yosemite, then Apple Support call solved the problem
  12. antonioj

    Issue with FileNVRAM in Chameleon 2380

    well, that is not imessage...using google works fine, yes