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  1. Hi guys! I just update my system to 10.6.4 and find some problems: 1. Sound don't work (I try to boot with -x-f flags) 2. SleepEnabler don't work Did anybody fix it?
  2. Hello mrjanek! After I install kakewalk boot 2.2 on my 10.6.3 system sounds work! Now I just reinstall the system and find some errors: 1. Kakewalk CD 2.2 don't want to boot Mac OS X 10.6 Install DVD (after updating to 10.6.3 too, I use Kakewalk CD 2.0 for it) 2. After all system updates (10.6.3 too) I install kakewalk boot 2.2 and see now sound. I have no detected another problems. Can you fix it in new release of kekawalk? I fix sound using -x -f flags when I boot my system (safe mod), just load and reboot. After it I boot the system without any flags and sound work (get from puru.se blog). And else, my graphic card fully work but in system info I see "UNKNOW NVIDIA CARD". I Have MSI GTS 250 512MB. I Try to write gfx strings but its not work. Did anybody have the same problem? How can I fix it? tnx a lot.
  3. Yesterday night I try to install azalia audio kext (http://www.kexts.com/view/156-azalia_audio.html), reboot and can't see any changes with audio. I find in root disk folder "Azalia bkp" or something like this. I copy kext file from this folder back to the System:Library:Extensions and see some error message box. Oh, I need some specific soft to restore kext files - I thiks, but never mind... Today I switch on my desktop and find that sound work! Only one HD Audio Output, no input devices.
  4. I think sound don't work, because we have ALC888B audio. Kakewalk 2.1 Changes: - Fixed sound for all ALC888 boards in 10.6.3 without "B".
  5. Hi All! I have 2 question: 1. I Install SL 10.6 Update to 10.6.3 Install kakewalkboot 2.1 sound don't wark How can I fix it? 2. After about 10-15 min my pc go to sleep mode when I press some button on keyboard - it wake up but not in OS (I see simple boot like when I start my computer) I mean that it doest go to sleep mode - it just turn off. What can I do with it? I can disable sleep mode, but may be extist another choice? Hardware: MB: G41M-ES2L Memory: 4 GB (800MHz) CPU: Core2Duo E5300 (2.6 GHz, 800 MHz, L2 2Mb) Video: Palit 8400 GS 512 Many thanks Respect for the kakewalk ps sorry for my english