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  1. Hey I have this motherboard (2.0) and i have gotten alot working on it (including 2 gtx 480s and 1 8800gt at same time) but there is one thing that I cannot get working. I got an apple wireless card from a macbook pro (BCM94321MC) and put it in a mini pci to pci x1 adaptor and now both wired and wireless connection is not working. They both can detect the connection (wired detects its connected and wireless can connect to the network) and connect, but they cannot be assigned an ip address and connect to the internet. I have manually assigned them ip addresses that are free on the router, but still cannot connect to the internet. I have tried deleting and re-adding the services and tried only have one service active at a time, but same problem. Also when I am connected with the wireless the menu airport still says that its not configured (even though the wireless bars are filled in). I have the LnxtoMac drivers installed for the connection. I have also reset and even reset to factory defaults, my router. Yet nothing. I don't know how installing a native aiport wireless card can take out my wired connection also. When i got super frustrated I took out the wireless card, and now my wired connection started working again. The only problem I might be able to see is in the system profiler it recognizes it as a airport card but uses a kext BCM43xxx.kext and I don't know if that the right one for the BCM94321MC, and if its not right than where should I get the new kext. I was wondering if someone could help me out with this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks....
  2. Hey guys, I followed Going Bald's tutorial thing. I have an x58-ud3r motherboard, used the ud7 to make the SL disk boot. I installed SL and updated 10.6.2 and then 10.6.4. However, my ethernet is not working. I even tried to manually enable it in the system preferences, but it isn't even detecting or allowing me to add an ethernet connection, all it has is a firewire connection.... can you guys help me out.... Thanks....
  3. AkalPh00la

    8800 GT to Quadro FX 3700

    Hello I am building my rig right now, inspired by your guy's forum. From my understanding aqua mac's roms work with the zotac 8800 gt (the 512mb and 1gig versions). I was wondering if the extra 512 mb of ram will make that much of a difference for quadro applications, apparently online reviews show that there is little to gain of the extra ram in gaming, but I don't know how that translates to quadro applications. Also is it possible to put two of these flashed quadro's in SLI? and does performance go up, and can you put one 512 with one 1 gb in sli..... I know these are alot of questions and apologize..... Thanks so much you guys do not know how much a rely on this forum at this point...... Time to get to class (arggg classes in the summer is so depressing, damn engineering program) Later.....
  4. Hey, I wanted to install all osx, win7, and red hat in a triple boot array. How do I go about doing that? Has anyone else been able to do this? Mobo: x58-ud5 (Gigabyte) Processor: i7-920 Video Card: Ati-4870 Thanks....
  5. I dunno if you answer got solved, but simply "iconically" speaking, you can use a program called candybar to change your icons, and you can replace the orange ones (denoting removable drives) with the regular ones.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if the logic board is for sale? If so I would like to make an offer (hopefully one you can't refuse)..... Thanks....
  7. AkalPh00la

    Tyan S2696 8 Core Hackintosh

    I was wondering if anyone was able to get their octo-core hackintosh to make the Snow Leo Leap yet.... thanks....
  8. Greetings hackint0sh g0ds (or as I like to call you, 'those whom shall save me many monies') I hate to n00b all over your forums but I have these 'questions three' if you guys could help me out 1. Can this way (Kakewalk) of installation can be used with ATI 4870 card (They use these in the new mac pros and I would assume they should work natively, but then again.... I dunno) 2. Is there a way to triple boot with OSX/Windows 7/Red Hat Linux (This is kinda a real concern for me, and before I buy all the proper hardware I need to know that this can work 3. Is there a Kakewalk (type) way to get GA-X58A based motherboards to work (I am eyeing the usb 3.0) Thanks.....