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  1. Yes, why not... i made a little money with selling old stuff on ebay. My wife and me are moving at the moment, so there is a loooot of stuff to sell or to throw away.. so i sold it ^^ Ok, i´m not having the problem of pops or anything like that.. omg... this would drive me insane i agree having the DA/AD outside the box is a good idea, but at the moment it seems to bot not a big problem of having it inside the pc. 5 min ago i tested the juli@ on win 7 while playing FarCry 3. sounds realy good so far! next step will be, to connect my e-drumset to the midiport and do some testings with Cubase, but our flat is realy unorganized at the moment so i think it will take a little time one little problem occured with the new soundcard: when i say shutdown the pc, it shuts down completely, than it´s rebooting. No problem on Win7, only on mac os. i will check my EFI settings, if there is something about "wake on pcie" or anything like that, but would make me wondering, because there are no active components connected to the card that could send a signal... no active mic or anything like that, only my headphones. from now my summary is that the juli@ xte is a very good soundcard with a fair price for people who are looking for great sound and do not need sourround sound. and: NO, i´m not an employee of ESI
  2. Hi Mr.D! No, you didn´t muddy the water Today my Juli@ arrived! It´s like a ... wow.. sound {censored} compared to the onboard card!! To the EMU0404 USB: my birthday is yet to come this year and i think i will give it a try! it´s 160 Euros here in germany.. same as the Juli@ I´ve testet the juli@ only on OSX for listening to music yet... so i´m very interested in "ingame-sound" under Win7!
  3. ok, i got it perfect, thank you very much!
  4. ok, so it looks like it is going to be the esi juli@ xte! which is the best driver to use for this card? there is a thread with 50 pages... is it nessaserry to read it complete (if so, i will... of corse) or is there a quicklink for the correct driver vor ML? would be very nice! or are the vendor drivers working for hackintosh? i thought i read, that there are problems with not working drivers from esi. thanks a lot!
  5. Hi Everyone! I have a well running hackintosh 10.8.2 without any problems. The only thing that bothers me is my onboard soundcard ALC887. The sound is not "clear" enough and not comparable to my Crative X-Fi Extreme Audio i had before. For listening to music i only use Headphones with high Quality and so i am able to hear a big difference between onboard an PCIe Soundcard. As i tried to use the X-Fi with VoodoHDA i randomly got kernel panics and so i sold it half a year ago. Now i´m looking for a good alternative! A PCIe Soundcard with good support for 10.8 and good performance for gaming under Win 7. The card should have a SNR of around 120 db. I took a look at the Juli@ card, but imho this won´t be a good choice for gaming i dont care about 5.1 sound --> Stereo Headphones If there is no good PCIe card around, USB would be ok too! The price shoud be not higher than 200 Euros. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks a lot!