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    Full Dell Inspiron 6400 System Working

    how should i knw which sigmatel code i should dump? which one should i choose? http://psykopat.free.fr/apple/AppleHDA/sigmatel/ after i dump there is still no sound. i check system system card. osx cant detect audio device even after patch. i am using sigmatel 9200
  2. 3den

    Sigmatel 9200, etc. Issues Solved

    Hi guys, I m newbie.linux programming or apple. My rig is Dell inspiron6400. Audio card is Sigmatel 9200. So I did my kext installation as below: 1) I took the copy of SigmaTelAudioDriver.Kext paste over to System\Library\Extensions 2) Then delete Extensions.mkext 3) Update my SigmaTelAudioDriver.kext dev id=0x7690 in the content folder. My problems, nothing happened. When I delete the trash can, there is sound. But when I tried to play .mp3 via itunes, there is visual things going on, but no sound. I notice there are other apple audio .kext files in the Extensions folder. Should I do something about it? Where my mistake? Thanks in advance.