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  1. Please tell me your kidding. You were nothing but pig rude! Here is a guy who made a simple and easy guide and you just go and shove it in his face. He has made it as simple as possible alright. There is a basic quota of information you should know before doing something like this or your hackintosh will simply not work. You need to be able to problem solve by yourself and that doesn't mean coming back to someone thread and complaining he won't help you. If you install with no knowledge of "x86" then you WILL have trouble. If you see something you don't understand then search, read and learn. Everyone else has been able to install without any troubles including me and i have an almost totally unsupported Graphics Card. But you know what i did researched and learnt and when i got stuck i asked kup who set me on the right path. Then when you can't fix it come back without out being such an {censored}. TL;DR: If you have no knowledge of Hackintoshes then learn. Its not hard. Just SEARCH. Kup can't ensure compatibility with every system and person on this forum but he tries his best and without him no one would even be able to install OSX on their P6X58D mobo's. Thanks Kup
  2. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Nearly every question from page 20 onward could have been answered by reading the thread or five minutes of googling. Everyone has screen tearing.
  3. I'm sorry i should have replied earlier, i had the same issue as you i downloaded empire efi here: http://www.mediafire.com/?yimizgizuzz Burnt that to a cd obviously and then booted with it. No flags, but i did have to change something to do with my marvell sata controller in the bios (this could have been because i did something wrong from the first step). Then i installed. When booting your Snow Leopard partition with the cd enter the flag "maxmem=4096" excluding the quotes and continue as normal. I think this has something to do with Fermi but just install the chameleon bootloader from the fermi thread manually and you will be fine. Hope this helps!
  4. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Gigabyte GTX 470 WORKS!!! After a lot of trial and error finally it works for some mysterious reason. Keep in mind i have tried so many methods it wasn't funny but after reinstalling god knows how many times and trying various other methods, i installed the chameleon from the first post with a lot of trouble then installed the FermiFix.kext (i think the first time i tried it, it was missing my vendor id) with Kext Helper. This is where it gets weird, this worked for me but it is very very likely much simpler to so than what i did. I used someones EVGA Bootlist with their efi string from this thread ( iwould look it up but i can't be bothered try around page 13 give or take. It didn't work so in single user mode i deleted their bootlist from my Extra folder "sudo rm - /extra/com.apple.boot.plist" and then cp /Users/{me}/Desktop/com.apple.boot.plist /Extra and rebooted. I walked away form my computer thinking what i was going to do now, then i came back and it was working! I then had to reinstall again because Adobe CS4 refuses to install to a Case Sensitive volume and there was no way i was going to make a compromise after all my work. I reinstalled using exactly the same method and hey presto here i am. I cannot believe Adobe doesn't install to Case sensitive volume, is that from bad programming practice or what? Anyway it works and i'm open to questions. I'm not gonna just gonna post my success and let someone else suffer by themselves am i. Thanks guys, seriously thanks.
  5. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    You have got be kidding me. I was just about to put my card on ebay and get an evga gtx 470 one. Please please please tell me exactly what you did, I must have done something wrong. What are your specs by the way? EDIT: Also when did you do this? Did you use the new bootloader installer or what? Thanks a bunch too
  6. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Screw it. Thanks so much for the help but i'm just going to return this card on the weekend and get the Asus gtx 470 as originally planned had they not run out of stock. I'm going to leave my install untouched and just plug in the ASUS one when i get it. That should work now i have done all the hard work.
  7. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    I don't get it. I did exactly what you told me i assume, but it still didn't work! Installed the boot file by using the command 'sudo cp boot /' and installed the driver. Then i copied your NVDAResman.kext to /System/Library/Extensions and cleared caches and repaired permissions with osx86 tools and edited the plist. I even tried using all the kexts from your files. I must be doing something wrong.
  8. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    As far as i can tell this is what I'm doing but i keep getting a black screen. My device ID is 06cd and i added it to nvdaresman.kext by pasting in 0x06cd10de&0xfff0ffff at the end (Is this right). Then i run Kext Utility. Could you go through installing the bootloader and editing the nvdaresman.kext in gratuitous detail. I installed the chameleon bootloader by following the README but do have to somehow combine it with the asereBLN's. I'm so confused, information overload.
  9. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Oh man, I still can't get it too work. I just keep getting a black screen. I'm raging so hard now. I have tried everything i could and have easily wasted 20 hours doing different methods over and over again, either i can't follow instructions properly or my card just DOES NOT WANT TO WORK. Could someone please pick up my low, low spirits. I'm a broken man, i've never given up on any computer based endeavor like this but i just can't fix it. Please someone, recommend anything besides flashing my card. I could cry.
  10. This is where it can get tricky. Your graphics card has only just recently been made to work in Snow Leopard. Its a great graphics card but you will have to find a tutorial for how to get it working. As Kup said at the start of this thread please try not to ask questions about installing your graphics card in this particular thread. There are tuts availible even on this site and you will find many different methods within minutes of googling for them. The trick is to figure out how to follow two or more tutorials such as this one and an ati 5xxx series tutorial simultaneously to get your hackintosh working. Its not that hard, it just takes a lot of trial and error, time and research. Along the way really make an effort to understand what each of the tutorials you follow are doing and research all the key words used. With that you can learn pretty fast how to troubleshoot your own problems like i have somewhat in the last four or five days. One piece of advice: Someone has likely experienced your problem or a very similar one to yours. Start searching here at insanely mac then google. Its dangerous to go alone take this; www.google.com/help/cheatsheet.html
  11. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    This is for the people whose graphics cards aren't working with the previous solutions. As far as i know its still running without opencl and CUDA. The name is just a name, I think its just a superficial thing (i'm probably wrong), it could be called "nVidiot Fermi Fire burnin' on the dancefloor, Woah." and still work. I would not recommend doing this if your card is working. And yes the card still runs like a gtx 285 dafootballer, had you considered reading the thread before asking?
  12. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    I'm working from memory so please excuse my vagueness and any mistakes i will likely make. Using a program called gfxutil (google is your friend) you can generate a device path (pci code thing) by navigating to the location of gfxutil in your directory through the CLI and then using the command "gfxutil -f display". Its easier if you just include the location of the app in one line eg. "/users/deuche/desktop/gfxutil/ -f display" That will give you something like this (an example from another tutorial): PciRoot(0×1)/Pci(0×1,0×0)/Pci(0×0,0×0) With this you can use OSX86 Tools (google) to generate a somewhat unique string to boot with for the specific model of your gfx card based on the device path, VRAM and outputs. To do this with OSX86 Tools your looking for a button somewhat related to the key words; graphics, boot, efi etc (just look for something that might do something with your gfx card, sorry i can't be more specific i'm currently reinstalling). There is a drop down menu where you select your card. Obviously Fermi isn't on their so select "custom". You will then be prompted (i think) for the device path (copy/paste from gfxutil) and the opportunity to give it any name you want (eg. GTX 470), the VRAM size (with the gtx 470 this is 0x50000000 for 1280mb and for the GTX 480 0x60000000) and the outputs (DVI-I,DVI-I, I Think). At the end of this you can save the file as a hex to generate your own GFX.plist file like Bruce Wang for future use. But more importantly there is a really long "string" of number at the bottom that you can put at the bottom of you boot.plist. See previous posts as to how to add it. I hope that answers your question and i'm sorry again that i could not be more specific.
  13. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Just made my own custom efi string using the same method as you using my Gigabyte GTX 470's PciRoot code. But just as i rebooted something unrelated went wrong at the wrong time and now i have to reinstall. so close! Anyway, where do i add the string? Do i still need the graphics enabler key? a copy of your boot.plist would be greatly appreciated or if anyone else knows where to put the string that would also be great. I have googled this a lot but all the tutorials i find are all using unmodified plists so i'm a bit confused as to where to put it. I have confidence this will work. I was going to flash my card but that just led me in circles for four hours to achieve nothing. I'm still trying...
  14. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Thanks, just what i was after but unfortunately i just reinstalled. It doesn't take too long, i'm quite efficient at it now. Anyway I think i will try and get the device id for the gigabyte gtx 470 and add that to the injector. I'm not exactly sure what i'm doing but its worth a shot. Any help is appreciated from the more experienced people as to how i should go about troubleshooting. Thanks guys. Silly of me, but the device id was as i suspected, already in the injector Where do i go from here? I don't know what to do. My Gigabyte GTX 470 refuses to work .
  15. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    This is doing my head in! I have used the injector from page 8 for my Gigabyte GTX 470 but it gives no signal. Its just a blank screen. I have reinstalled twice now. What am i doing wrong? If someone could give me some advice that would be great. Is there any way i can undo something so i can at least get my screen back so i don't have to reinstall. I have tried safe mode but that does not work. Could i do something it in single-user mode. Please help me. Thanks for getting me this far at least