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  1. Yeah - good reminder to backup before applying any update. None of the approaches suggested work - will wait for Nvidia...
  2. Download 10.11.1 started - presume I just put "10.11.0" in System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist before running it?
  3. I'm using GTX 750 tis on two hacks. One is using 10.11.1 and the (latest) 346.03.03f02 driver and works fine, like yours. The other is subscribed to OS beta updates and foolishly I let it update to 10.11.2. It won't start up properly - endlessly rebooting. I've disabled the nvidia driver in Clover options but am now stuck with 1024 x 768 slow graphics screen and would like to get back to 1920 x 1080. Editing the NVDAStartupWeb.kext to to use 15C27e doesn't work. Any other ideas, anyone?
  4. anyone found a fix to the 10.11.1 beta problem lopped posted in 227? apologies - loppol! more apologies -10.11.2 beta causing reboots and editing kext not working?
  5. Aren't you supposed to replace sleepenabler.kext with netkas's one for 10.6.2?
  6. Obviously this is interesting. Tried searching all forums "Snow Leopard install" but missed any directly relevant posts - there must be some? Found warnings not to post in Snow Leopard forum, implying posts exist. Please update me if you have a relevant forum reference. Anyway, downloaded "leaked" Developer Preview, tried usual vanilla install method and replaced normal incompatible kexts. Got kernel panic (actually a "double panic") about invalid kernel. Other experiences?
  7. AlanD

    Core 2 Duo on Intel 945 Board

    It won't work in a D945GNT board anyway - I tried! CPU fan came on, board and LAN LEDs come on, but boot doen't start. Didn't seem to hurt Core 2 Duo, though. Now running in an ASrock ConRoe945G-DVI (anybody get on-board LAN to work - wrong thread?)