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  1. To many RAM-slots on my H61M-D2-B2...

    Wiki: A 32-bit address register meant that 4 GB of RAM, could be referenced.
  2. To many RAM-slots on my H61M-D2-B2...

    ARe you running in 32bit mode? 32bit mode can only recognize 4GB RAM. Run in 64bit mode and see.
  3. I have attached the screen shot. My motherboard is P55-UD3L 2.3 FH ASUS EN210 512MB Display OS: 10.6.8 Install Method: UserDSDT [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] + [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] Lnx2Mac Realteck 0.0.67 driver Inside my Extra/Extensions folder: ALC8xxxHDA.kext FakeSMC.kext IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext Legacy888HDA.kext Is it something to do with my Graphic Card kext file? It show something "com.apple.Geforce(6.3.6)" Thanks Update: 2011-07-13 Tried to clean install in a new harddrive and still got panic for some time. The Panic message is different and did not mention com.apple.GeForce any more. I think it would be somekind of hardware problem. 2011-07-15 Start to check every part of the computer. Start with RAM. I have a pair of GEIL RAM 4GB and a pair of TEAM Ram of 8GB. May be they are incompatible working together, try to remove the pair of GEIL and test now.
  4. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    Can you make a screenshot or something to tell us what was wrong? Thanks
  5. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    I pause my update after reading a few post about the graphic issues. I am using 9500GT but it seems that some people facing problems using EFI string in com.apple.boot.plist Someone suggest to replace all the kext start with "NV" in 10.6.2 with those in 10.6.1. I think I have to do some more research on that and get back to here later.
  6. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    Firstly I recommend you switch your 6600GT with something newer than 7xxx Series. To install without Leopard, you need to have a USB Thumb drive with 8GB capacity or above. Find a Mac or a hackintosh somewhere, and format your USB Thumb drive using Disk utitlity and create two partition. one called "Bootloader" another called "CD" using MBR and HFS+ Under Disk Utitlty, restore the Snow Leopard Image to the partition "CD" Download Chameleon RC3 and install it in "Bootloader". Please remind that in order to avoid error message, you have to click custom during install and left everything unclick, only click the Main Program on the top of the list. Put all extensions kext file in Extra\Extensions You can now boot from the USB and start the Snow Leopard Installation. Once Complete the installation, boot from the USB again and select the HDD in Chameleon. Install Chameleon in the Harddisk and the kexts file and you are done.
  7. There is already someone trying to put Snow Leopard on it. Look at it: http://myhpmini.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=2402 and Yes, it support 3GB RAM!! Great. I also love it resolution but I hate its weight It is now selling at HK$3980 in Hong Kong which is = US$510
  8. Someone said it is DNS Server problem in another thread of this forum
  9. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    I have upgraded to 10.6.1. So simple, just run software update. Nothing to modify. May be run a permission repair if you wish.
  10. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    OK. I have complete the research on the iPhone tethering matter. Here it is: 10.6 32bit : both USB and Bluetooth tethering works 10.6 64bit : only Bluetooth tethering works. Why causing that? It is because snow leopard have no 64bit USB Ethernet support yet. It was what is shown in the console and boot in to 32bit and works prove this finding. At the moment, we can do nothing on it as it is the problem of Snow Leopard not hackintosh problem. We will have to keep using bluetooth tethering or switch to 32bit mode by booting -x32 Thank you
  11. iPhone tethering in snow64

    I am facing the same problem. It do not show iphone network adaptor when I connect it.
  12. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    I'm now working on the problem of iPhone tethering. I found that the iPhone tethering no longer works in my Snow Leopard install. When I plugin my iphone, it shows an error message as attached. Everything works for iTunes and iPhoto but only the tethering function is not working. When I check the Network in System Preference, it do not have iPhone as network adaptor. I am sure it is not the problem on my iPhone side as it still works in my MSI WIND U100 Leopard install. Please let me know if anyone facing the same problem. I will report my solution if I solve it. Another task I am working on is to install Chameleon RC3 on my SL drive. I think it won't be a difficult task thu
  13. Hello! Slither, nice to meet with you in this post again. Just a remark it should be dsdt.aml instead of dsdt.dsl which have to put in the volume drive. By the way, looking forward for your Audio solution for 965P-S3.
  14. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    Thank you very much Slither I've made a dsdt for rev 3.3 F13. I don't know if there is any difference with the rev 1.0 dsdt but it is a good resource for those who use rev 3.3 board as well. I just applied the CMOS reset fix only as I am satisfied with the current VoodooHDA and IONetworkingFamily solution. I've tried to use the LegacyHDA kexts with dsdt HDA patch but it seems not working, so I switch back to Voodoo. dsdt.aml.zip
  15. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    Seems VoodooHDA not work well in E/E. I put it in to S/L/E Instead. Just take the IONetworkingFamily.kext in the post here in #6 and you are done for network http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181668 I put it in to S/L/E, I don't know E/E will work or not. I forget where did I find the VoodooHDA, may be I just post it here. For peoples who don't know how to edit the kext file, I just put the IONetworkingfamily here. I put it in S/L/E VoodooHDA.kext.zip IONetworkingFamily.kext.zip