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  1. mine is not working...i cant see the card in the boot (might be MB configuration) ... any other suggestions? do i need to mess with the DIP configuration?
  2. Ashand

    [SOLVED] iCloud and Facetime not working

    I need to change mine to but how? the explorer not let me do any changes..?
  3. Hi I have installed DP2 on SSD drive, there are some changes over there... nice, anyway...the app store and icloud login...how do i fix that? anyone can share with me? Thanks
  4. Ashand

    M lion network issue

    OK! i got it to work on DP2 finally!!
  5. successfully installed MLION on SSD drive , all is working except sleep and networking. I don't care about sleep but network i do my mobo is ABIT IP35 pro using the Marvell chip , i tried copy it from my working Lion HDD but nothing happened, i tried to download new kexts as well... Any solution for this? Anyone using the same chip and successfully running it on M lion? Thanks
  6. Ashand

    [Guide] Installing Mountain Lion.

    the file is here: http://thetecherra.com/2012/02/17/tutorial-run-os-x-mountain-lion-10-8-on-a-pc-hackintoshosx86-from-start-to-finish/ successfuly installed, you need to mention that you must install the boot loader on your lion drive as well if not then the usb drive will keep restarting...im all good except network and sleep...
  7. thanks! i have installed MLION on an SSD running fast, everything is working (so far) except the network, i have copy the kexts from lion but it didn't helped, my mono is ABIT IP35 pro using Marvell chip...anyone can help me on that? or having the same mono with working kexts to share? Thanks
  8. Ashand

    [Guide] Installing Mountain Lion.

    Hmmm...not work for me....machine keep restarting over and over i even cannot see what is the problem...BTW , can I install MLION on external USB i mean i have mac mini is it possible to install MLION on ext USB and then clone the disk to a PC and add the extra...?
  9. Hi I have installed Lion on my SERVER everything is working fine , when i turn on the server i get the chameleon menu then have to choose the boot disk to load Lion , is there a way to configure auto logon to this specific boot disk? how to enable it? Thanks
  10. Hi , I have some problem to share files/folders between 2 Lion's . I have 2 Lion hack PC and a Mac Mini with Lion installed , after creating share folders on all PC's I still cant see the share folders. I can connect/remote but cannot share the folders. Another problem is with XBMC but i guess this is not related to here... Anyone know what can be the issue? Thanks
  11. Hi again...my DP3 works just fine...now i want to install DP4 , I follow the same things as DP3 but when it boot I see a gray screen and nothing happened ...any idea? bmas...my HD4670 works fine..I even switch card after boot and nothing happened , meaning no krnl panic or strange colors...works like charm.
  12. Anyone can direct me to Supermicro Add-on Card AOC-USAS-L4i EFI drivers? Download link maybe...? I am running 10.7 Lion... Thanks
  13. Ashand

    NTFS problem

    Lion has native r/w for ntfs...
  14. Ashand

    SMB sharing

    is anyone having issues with SMB sharing? I shared a folder using SMB and from my mac MINI i am trying (using XBMC) to search for the shared folder but there is a problem saying that I dont have permission...I did not enabled the firewall or anything that can block my network... screen sharing and opening the shared folder in a normal way is working OK... XBMC having issues...
  15. thanks Maldon , everything seems to work OK... BTW , if i clone the LION partition to another HDD do i need to re install Chameleon? as for the Chameleon GUI , do you think that installing Chameleon-2.0-RC5-r902 will fix this or it will break LION boot?