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  1. Hello! (i hope this is in the right spot) I just installed iAtkos ML3U on my system, installation was fine, but after that, system refuses to boot normally (boots fine is safe mode). I've tried with and without Graphics Injector. System specs: MB: Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3P CPU: Intel i7-2600 RAM: Corsair XMS3 1600MHz 2x2GB GPU: Sapphire HD7770 GHz Edition (the longer card) I also have Win7 installed on HDD, GUID partition scheme though, in order to work with ML3U. PS: Image attached at the point where boots seems to stop going on. Please ask if more info could help! PS2: Some months ago i had installed iAtkos ML2 on the same system, with the exception of having an Albatron 8800GTS instead of my current 7770. Everything was fine, but i managed to destroy the 8800GTS, hence the newer 7770, and the necessity of at least 10.8.3.
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    Hello, this is Lefteris, from Greece. Hackintosh came to new when my bro got a new pc 6 years ago, and i wanted to try osx, just to see what the fuss is about. That try failed, cause i was to young and impatient A year ago, my new pc came home, and finally osx went on. 3-4 installations later, i'm stable on 10.6. Previous installs failed due to rushed updates and so on. I'm here to get help make my system better, faster, and eventualy to update!