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  1. rolodex

    Forum inactivity

    Hey I haven't been here for for years. The design, the functionalities, all have been improved by a lot. I love the new site, and how we can search for new content here. I miss my active moment here. I successfully build my own hackintosh here, and now I already manage to buy my own mac. IM has given me the experience I will never forget — the very first kiss of OS X. It was a whole new dimension to me. The satisfaction of installing OS X on a windows machine. It was luxurious. A system that I can never afford at the time. And my name is still there at the bottom of this site, next to Privacy Policy. Heheh. Deep, man. How I miss the old days. I will discover my way to a Mountain Lion mackintosh one day. One day. I really hope and pray that IM will stay alive forever. Excellent work on the function & design of Insanelymac.com.
  2. Thanks! I also prefer the 45 degree version. I agree about the new layout thing. NICE ideas! Great job! I like the extruded Command. Should've thought of that! damn.
  3. I was hoping that after the closing date, the admin would be kind enough to show the compilations of logos sent by the members. It will be nice to see how much participation the members shown. By the way, IMHO, the new site design is lacking. The font color is too strong thus making it stand out more than the design itself. I suggest doing some research on the design trend of 2008. There's plenty of designs the admin should look at and I guess it would be exhausting to pick the best. Good luck. Cheers!
  4. 3rd entry. Masked symbols.
  5. My other 2 entries. I played with the command symbol. The BNW; Effects Applied; or maybe rotated like this? some explanation;
  6. Here's some of my idea, still in the rough. Might get something though.Comments? Here's another compilation.Black & White = easier to color manage later, liasing with your new color theme. Here's another one (using the evolution design) Here's the black and white version of the above
  7. rolodex

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    8538 what happened to your bootcamp? cant partition? try reformatting!
  8. Found the solution already. What I did ; My superdrive can only read the WinXP CD halfway (the blue screen - EULA - format - choose hd - copy files) part. so i did that. After that, setup couldn't find ASMS in i386 folder. what I did was, i copied the whole CD content into C drive in OS X (my format is NTFS so I used NTFS 3G + MacFUSE) and did the install manually. and im posting this using my natively installed windows xp. woohooo for me!! now i can do my work in peace...... cheers all!
  9. Hi all, First off, Im using a macbook 1.83 with 1gb of RAM. But my Superdrive is faulty. Creates scratches all over. Warranty over already. Don't have that much money to fix. I am in deep trouble. I have a lot of works that requires 3Ds Max. So I need windows. Don't ask me about PC. Im planning to buy them next month. So the problem is here ; I need to run windows natively on my mac. I have a faulty superdrive. It was impossible to install windows using CD, unless i want the CD to be scratched like hell. So, is there any way to install windows and run it natively? I tried with Fusion, but when I tried to boot it natively, it gives me a BSOD. I have the iso image of windows xp pro. Can I like, use external USB DVD Drive to install via bootcamp? I've googled all over, but to no avail. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks. Johnny
  10. spend more money on a slow 5400 rather than cheaper 7200?
  11. rolodex

    Apple iMac Model

    the details were great but it seems odd. (maybe scale?)
  12. rolodex

    kernel panic

    i dont know what happened but, i accidentally chipped off some of the capasitors on my 6600 board during my professional change-that-fan-its-noisy procedures, and i bought a overclocked 512 7600gt and replaced 6600 with it. it worked fine. with qe and ci. but cant run Final Cut Studio. ....and also, i accidentally short circuited my 975 during my fan testing and had to replace it with my old 955x motherboard. it was just a day away until my warranty of 955x expires when it stalled. fuh~!
  13. rolodex

    iTerm home/end keys

    thats what we call helping each other for the other's sake.
  14. use the windows samba printing. you should follow mac girl's instruction on adding a network printer. system preferences > print & fax > + button > youll get a printer browser window. hold the windows key (apple key on mac keyboard) and click on more printers then ; the 1st column choose advance, itll change the UI in the device column choose Windows Printer Via Samba put in any device name. you can put your name there. device URL = smb://username:password@ip.of.the.printer/sharename printer model > choose accordingly. if not listed , you might want to install the driver (usually provided by the manufacturer of your printer) if it wasnt provided, you might want to install it using your os x install DVD (if you uncheck the printer during first install) there will be model name and bla bla in the list. please try this method. it worked for me (using semthex kernel 8.8.1 10.4.8)