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    iMac Pictures

    This will be perfect for you. http://www.macuser.de/galerie/showphoto.ph...00/ppuser/28740
  2. Who says Apple is to expensive? The_Dell_Online_Store__Build_Your_System.pdf The_Apple_Store__U.S._.pdf
  3. Tech607

    The week I spent with my Vista PC

    Hey don't forget Flip 3D, Gadgets, Desktop Search, Windows Mail, Windows DVD Maker, UAC, Must I continue?
  4. Tech607

    The week I spent with my Vista PC

    Vista is like the Scion. You can configure it any different way but underneath it is still the same old cheap car. Cute maybe but it still lacks the power and sophistication of Toyota's Lexus line of cars. So if you want a cheap get me from A to B Scion is the choice for you. Yes you will be cramped and uncomfortable. You will also be more vulnerable in an accident but you can get there. BUT OS X is like the Lexus like "The Pursuit of Perfection." If you want to drive in style and Comfort you choose the Lexus class vehicle.
  5. Tech607

    The week I spent with my Vista PC

    I have another Vista comment. I just wanted to adjust my time and date. It is crazy that I had to click in two places the option to change time and date. Why not take me to the correct screen from the beginning and not another spot where I would have to choose the option all over again. Plus the kicker was when it asked me to give it permission. I fear the person who wants to hack my clock and change my date. It is so stupid because it asked permission and did not need a password, it just need me to click ok. Now that is stupid because anyone could click ok.
  6. Tech607

    The week I spent with my Vista PC

    How is this for being prophetic. I had to restore my system because it started taking 10 minutes to boot. HP blamed a software installation WOW! I can't even install my software (normal store bought Vista capable) programs without braking this OS. What a laugh. It is working alright now but I still have to figure out what program I just wasted money on because I can not install it. So just like looking in the future of any windows user, instead of being productive, I have to break it again. Then figure out what broke it and never use that program again. Typical Windows!
  7. Tech607

    Do you like vista?

    I voted NO! And I wrote an article of why I voted this way. http://homepage.mac.com/fklittle1975/weeko...Personal21.html
  8. Tech607

    The week I spent with my Vista PC

    I am on a rant. I am able to disable my Ethernet or Airport on my Mac without a problem or any verification, in Vista I cannot disconnect from a wireless disable my wirless connection without UAC popping up. Or disable and enable my Ethernet without UAC popping up. This keeps me safer how? Not letting me disable my internet connection without UAC keeps me safe from what or is this a Windows fear I am missing because I use a Mac.
  9. Tech607

    The week I spent with my Vista PC

    Windows has its good points, even if it is few, but Vista is an attempt to COPY what Apple has been doing for years now. From Gadgets, to the useless Flip 3D, to Search, to Icon previews, to UAC, to Windows Mail, to Windows DVD Creator, to Windows Calender, to Windows Photo Gallery, must i keep going on (Thank GOD for Patents). I will admit Windows good spots if you Windows defenders with your spyware, adware, and viruses admit that Vista is an attempt to COPY what Apple is doing. I hate when Windows users act like MS is not in copy mode. WILL ONE OF YOU COME ON AND ADMIT IT PLEASE! By the way I mostly wanted to see if Vista could compete with Apples end to end experience when it came to pictures , video and music and it failed badly. Integration was elementary at best. I am serious, if you want to play games with your computer instead of on your PS3 then buy windows but if you want a completely seamless user experience from end to end buy a Mac.
  10. Tech607

    The week I spent with my Vista PC

    Now my Vista Will not show me my desktop I get a black screen for 10 minutes and then the desktop will magically appear. I am on the phone with HP now and they are saying it is a program I must have installed and of course they are giving me the usual windows answer to everything REINSTALL THE SYSTEM OR RESTORE. Why would an out the box program cause so much havoc. Plus WHY O WHY is it not called "add or remove programs" anymore. "Programs and features" makes me think that is the wrong place to go to remove a program but it is the right place.
  11. Tech607

    The week I spent with my Vista PC

    Any intelligent person would not use this backward copy of OS X everyday and try to call it good. I use my Vista computer only to help the lost try to make their PC work for them and repair their PC's once they are crippled by spyware and the such and let me tell you there is good money in these PC hills but this market does not exist in the Mac world. So bring on Vista. Its mistakes will just make me more money through training and repairs.
  12. Tech607

    The week I spent with my Vista PC

    UAC is nice for noobs who instantly start clicking things (ie. my stepmom is a spyware magnet!). But yes, you can turn it off. The Sidebar can be hid, closed, or re-opened via the CP, but just clicking the 'show Desktop' button will hide it, revealing the whole desktop. I do not see where you can control the side bar in the Control Panel. You can set it to open on startup, move it, or view what gadgets are open but I do not see where to hide it and open it in the CP. If the choices are hidden and not located inside the Windows Sidebar Properties icon, then that would really be ignorant of Microsoft. Clicking the show desktop button will hide my other programs also, so that is no answer to the problem of being able to easily hide it and have it reappear when you want. I know you can turn off UAC but that makes the computer as vulnerable as XP.
  13. This Mac user took it upon himself to give Microsoft’s Vista OS a try. I bought a brand new HP Slimline s7712n Desktop with Vista Home Premium installed. Put the iMac to sleep and went to town trying to do all that I do on my Mac with my PC. I can tell you it is true ONCE YOU GO MAC YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK! It was all that I thought it would be and maybe even worse. I put together my list of 10 Vista annoyances. I hope you enjoy the list and share it with others. I know a week isn’t enough time to learn to hate everything Vista but it sure was enough time to send me running back to my iMac and apologizing for my indiscretion. Let me know what you think. CHECK IT ALL OUT ON MY SITE! http://homepage.mac.com/fklittle1975/weeko...Personal21.html
  14. Tech607

    Memory question

    I have a dell dimension 4600 that I am upgrading for my friend. It says online to install the memory in pairs. It has 4 slots and only 2 are used, what will happen if I just install 1 512mb stick. It currently has 2 128mb sticks.