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  1. i got it to work..but now my pc locks up screw it.. i give up on this stuff for now back to windows i go..peace out all
  2. im trying to get this to work also where exactly do i enter the device id? mine is 006c do i use a hex editor to edit tge IOPCCardFamily? if so what do i search for in there.what hex editor do you use do i need to convert 006c to hex? thanks
  3. velcomrob

    locked up

    oh thanks alot im prety good with freebsd & linux i didnt think it would be same to single user on a mac box
  4. velcomrob

    locked up

    i tried to update a driver for the macosx86 now its locked up upon booting is there any way to get into the system so i can fix the problem? or do i need to reinstall