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  1. ATI Radeon HD Fusion

    Any ideas whatsoever. I'm open.
  2. ATI Radeon HD Fusion

    Hey there, community! This is my first post, though I've been a reader of the forums for a few years now. I've successfully built several hackintoshes using a retail install method. I was bored, and I'd never gotten my AMD laptop to boot, so I tried it again, and was successful. Yay. I've found workarounds for everything that doesn't work, with the exception of the ATI Radeon HD 6320 integrated graphics card my system sports. Everywhere I look, the forum thread asking for help with the card is not replied to, or if it is is a blanket "that card isn't supported. Sorry." I have no hope of getting QE/CI to work, but I'd at least like my native resolution. If I try to use Chameleon to set Graphics Mode to 1600x900x32 it ignores it in the best case, doesn't boot in the purgatory case, and kernel panics in the worst. I do have an external display that works out of the box. Of course if I found a kext to load my card with I'm not sure it would work anymore, but then I'd have QE. Anyway, what I'm getting to is that I've tried unplugging the external monitor and doing the Graphics Mode kernel argument, but that fails as well. I just want my resolution, no need for QE, is there any method that might work? Thanks.
  3. Full Screen Kernel Panic

    Asus Eee Top ET1602 Atom @ 1.6 ghz 2 gb ram integrated intel gma950 Legacy kernel Snow retail 10.6.3 Native resolution and QECI works after installing some gma950 kext that's out there and patching chameleon, but I can't fullscreen videos without getting a kernel panic. Fullscreen iphoto also does not work, however full screen preview and kindle functions DO work. I stupidly thought I fixed it with a simple cpus=1 argument that allowed me to view an episode of Invader Zim in full screen. However, in my excitement, I went to watch a youtube video in fullscreen and it kernel panicked. That was the closest I got to fixing this. Tried using alternative dsdt files, tried patching it myself, nothing works. As nooby as this sounds, please help.
  4. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Clear difference between cstates and pstates, no problem with hd or fan making noise in times of idle. No sun logo, but brightness changes. That's all I really care about. The function's there. I would be more upset if I had the logo but no functionality. ;-) I don't put my computer to sleep normally but it might be a nice idea. I've got a couple linux distros hanging around here. I used Ubuntu's latest long term stable (10.04) a lot when ethernet wasn't showing up in OSX (so I could dl kexts) so it's actually right here. Really what I'd like to do is find a way to bake the startup sound into an EFI emulator or replace pcspkr with the startup sound. I also have thought about using afplay to load and play a sound when (in verbose mode) the kexts are loading up, so it would chime a little after the white screen, but before login. EDIT: Yes, full battery support as well. At least, I did. I removed AppleHPET.kext from /S/L/E because it was conflicting with my ethernet kext, but that was my choice.
  5. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Actually, ridiculously easy. Retail 10.6.3 upped to 10.6.6, Chameleon bootloader and nawcom mod cd. Everything works pretty much OOTB. I messed with a few things, like getting my Intel Pro/100 VE ethernet to show up, then I came across a SL problem that wouldn't let me connect to the internet or server but that was easy enough to fix. So, here goes: HP dv6226us (Intel Pentium Dual-Core) Snow Leopard 10.6.6 via Retail 10.6.3 cd, Nawcom bootmod cd v03, Chameleon Bootloader, and Software Update. What works: Graphics/Resolution/QECI Ethernet Wireless Firewire Trackpad (including two finger scroll and two finger side scroll) All USB ports DVD drive Internal Speakers Internal Mic Headphone jack Multimedia Buttons Fn Keys Oh yeah, the keyboard What Doesn't Work: Sleep Restart occasionally takes a while Not Tested: Remote Control Time Machine (though I'm sure it will work) My machine doesn't have a built-in webcam unfortunately so I don't know if it would work OOTB or not on similar machines.
  6. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Update - Flash update borked flash player, no problems detected but video not working correctly on safari or firefox. Not working at all actually. Downgrade works to an extent, but most things (games, certain music players) either don't work at all or are not usable. Messed with systemversion.plist a lot, no dice. Uninstalls, reinstalls, nothing. After convincing my system that it was running 10.5.8, I updated Safari. Dumb idea. Doesn't work at all now. I'm going to attempt to install retail 10.6.3, if that doesn't work I'll go back to 10.5.1 but I've got a fun few nights ahead of me. It really sucks, I have iWork, iLife, Photoshop, etc. installed and lots of music and no external hdd with me so it looks like I'll have to reinstall all of those no matter what because I don't want to have to mess with boot partitions, etc. I always misinterpret the problem when my OS "won't boot" and screw my system up before realizing it was a dumb mistake on my part. So, looks like I'm wiping the HD, attempting Snow, and going from there.
  7. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    Thanks man, but everything's solved. I have a dream Hackbook pro, with the only thing broken being sleep and headphone jack. QE/CI is even working. I used iAtkos v1.0i and most everything works OOTB. I didn't even have to use Kext Helper, because no kexts needed to be downloaded. I have 10.5.1, and I wanted to use iLife, so I simply changed my system version to 10.5.6 to install the software. The only real work I've had to do is change the About This Mac icon back to its original version. Again, I have an hp dv6226us and it's the best hackintosh install I've ever done. As a matter of fact, I inherited a MacBook Pro from a customer from my old computer store, and I prefer this HackBook to the actual MacBook. (It does have Snow on it, but I got it from a Marine who just got back from overseas and the case has been battered, no headphone jack, usb ports destroyed except for 1, dead pixels) so I'd rather use this than a real MacBook, because in my case, it actually means less workarounds. I'm quite happy with the accomplishment that the iAtkos distro has enabled.
  8. HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    HP Pavilion dv6226us - Leopard 10.5.2 via Leo4Allv2. Everything works - wifi, qe/ci, usb, trackpad, keyboard, audio, except for ethernet. Ethernet is very important to me, so I need to figure out some sort of solution. I've spent hours staring at the cmputer screen with my very slow wifi and I'm not really sure where to go. System Profiler doesn't list my ethernet card, can't find it anywhere on the web, and there's no such thing as lspci. When wired, the green light on the computer comes on, but ethernet is not even an option in Network. I also have a legal copy of Snow, 10.6.3, but I didn't want to waste my time with boot 132 if I didn't know to what end it would most likely come. Any help would be awesome.
  9. Introduce yourself.

    Hey guys, not very new to the forum or OSX86 but new to posting. Greetings from snowy Chicago, happy Christmas everyone!
  10. 100 free useful Mac apps

    Niice. Wow, thanks.
  11. It would certainly make sense. Steve Jobs would make a really smart move - people will buy it whether it's bug free or not. But rumors are rumors and we'll just have to wait and see.