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  1. i know mammoth and others are running 10.6.7 with great results, Taptun has posted a new kernel for 10.6.7, i think mammoth has posted it to the first page. make sure when you update you change the com.apple.boot.plist to read the new kernel and place the new kernel in the root of your macintosh hd.. I think there have been problems with the hdmi out, i havent been able to test yet but will be trying this later on this weekend and ill post my results on here!
  2. Great, love to hear how it works out, this would be excellent information for the front page so everyone knows there options with wireless cards.
  3. I thought this as well too however when i was testing a different wifi card in osx the card didnt work and i had no bluetooth at all it said card not available, when i replaced the card with a different model i then had bluetooth. Anyway to check for sure. Ill do some digging around and see what i can find.. Well i cant seem to find anything on it having bluetooth so im assuming you are correct mammoth, must have been some other reason my bt was not working when i had a different card installed?
  4. This is not the same model i have its slightly different, for the card i have i did have to do the whitelist hack to my bios. If that card is found in macbooks and its supported in hps dvx line then you shouldnt need to do anything with the bios and it should work fine however i didnt see anything stated bluetooth capabilities so i can tell you for sure yet. If i have time later i can do some more looking for you and post back
  5. sp.tiffAlso to let everyone know i am using a atheros 9280 in my dv7 and its working perfectly as well, mac identified it upon first boot and everything worked like a dream.. I got this card out of a gateway computer and it has bluetooth built in as well. Also a mini card too!! Figured i would share with everyone
  6. i changed the boot.plist and added taptuns 10.7 kernel to the root of my mac hd, installed the update. where is the legacy kernel??
  7. got it installed, the system seems a lot slower, geekbench proves this dropping the score down about 2200 points. i ran uname -a and verified i am running the new kernel. Franks-Mac-Pro:~ Franky$ uname -a Darwin Franks-Mac-Pro.local 10.7.0 Darwin Kernel Version 10.7.0: Mon Mar 28 21:53:41 BST 2011; taptun:xnu-1504.9.37/BUILD/obj//RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64 not sure why its saying 10.7.0 however, shouldnt it be 10.6.7?? Also mammoth i looked in system profiler and looked at the battery its showing the battery as having 1856mAh for some reason.. Cycle count is at 0 and health status is check battery which if i remember correctly you said thats just how it is for now.. My buddies phone has more power than my mac is seeing right now lol..
  8. No i have not tried his new kernel, im actually going to do the update now and give it a whirl, just so were clear, i put the kernel in cham/extra then change the com.apple.plist and before i restart you run audio enabler right!!
  9. what are peoples battery life running osx, mine has been pretty much terrible, I have a fully charged battery and when i unplug the laptop about 15-20 minutes later im already down to 50 percent.. I know it cant be my battery as with win7 i can get about 1.5 hours running on high performance, Also for some reason if i set my win7 to anything but high performance it is really slow and laggy. This has been this way ever since i reinstalled win7 from a retail disk instead of hp software. When the battery depletes like that im usually just browsing the web with safari with brightness about half way?? It does seem like it has dropped even faster after adding the new wifi card.. Also does anyone know what the 3 base peripheral cards are that are under the dropdown on the menu bar. I usually turn off the firewire card, but wasnt sure what the other three are for!
  10. just something to add really quick, im not sure if anyone else here uses frostwire in mac but if you do has anyone noticed audio like cutting out then coming back, i know its not the files as ive burned them to disks and they are great, assuming its the audio drivers. also frostwire has closed unexpectedly about 3 times tonight, not sure if its poor coding or some underlying issue somewhere else.. i figured i would gather some other peoples input!! Otherwise loving osx so far got my wireless card to work so im really happy now!
  11. i tried to whitelist my bios following your guide and it still says unsupported card detected please remove and restart. I also searched and there are multiple instances of 84C075 (well at least 2 anyways) im assuming you are wanting us to edit the first occurence. I was able to rename my bin files to fd and ezh20 didnt complain about anything, i also patched the boot image in the bios and that is working fine except for this. I dont want to edit any where else in the bios and render my computer useless, so im hoping maybe something isnt right over here with this. Thats the only thing i need to get my osx working nicely!! BTW i changed my hp boot logo to an apple, looks ok...
  12. i also have heard some popping from my system as well, also mammoth i noticed that somehow my system updated to 10.6.7 probably when i updated itunes im assuming that was the reason for my trackpad glitches? does anyone here have two finger scrolling working, im in the process of editing my bios for a new wireless card so i can stop tethering with my evo for internet!! Just for reference im using an intel 4965agn card that i had laying in a parts computer from what ived read its supported natively in osx after 10.6.3 so ill let you know how it goes! **EDIT I just started to do my bios and i do not have a .fd file in my temp folder or when i use winrar to open up the file. I have to .bin files. When i run insyde bios flasher it says i currently have 365c the two bin files i have are 363cf1c or 3658f1c, going to open them both up and take a look but not sure what is going on here.. ill take a look around the internet as well to see what i can come up with!
  13. you can try to insert a windows boot disk and have it try to repair, otherwise there is some command line trickery that you can do but im not sure of it, you should be able to find it in google however, just search for fix bootmgr command line or something!!
  14. i can supply my auto-patched dsdt for anyone here, i used windows to pull it then used nixin auto patcher to compile it, sound and qe/ci is working it seems to run pretty cool with everything running fine as far as i can tell!! DSDT.zip dv7 i7-720qm GT320M F.1C A bios
  15. well i checked my mouse again been trying desperatly to get it to work correctly and i deselected dragging and now the mouse works perfect…so i dont know whats going on that it wont work correctly with the dragging correctly but im happy now if i need to drag something ill physically click then drag!! Im still convinced something is wrong here however as like i said earlier if i have 2 finger scrolling selected it allows me to scroll with the printed bar on the trackpad but no 2 finger scrolling anywhere, and if i uncheck that then i cannot scroll at all with the trackpad!