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    Software Piracy

    If I illegally download software like Photoshop, it's not because I don't want to pay for it, it's simply I don't have £569.99 with my being in school and all that. Now, I don't see this as theft as I define theft as taking the property of someone, and they no longer have it. Considering Adobe still have Photoshop, and Adobe have not missed out on a sale as I plain and simply can't afford it, I don't see it as a heinous crime. Likewise, if I download a PS1 game that I could pick up for £.99 in town, I feel that's fine, as I'm quite sure CEX can afford to miss out on a quid. While pirating is illegal, it's a means to an end for some, just a cheap way out for others, or it's something to avoid, have fun working out where you stand on that.
  2. iGoBOOM

    Microsoft Windows 7 My Idea Ads

    Those ads were awful, I think getting Bill Gates shot would just about level things out, anyone got a hunting rifle I can borrow?